Bob’s Diary: A strange dream

I was dreaming that I was trapped in a bubble. Strange I thought nothing to get worried about here it is only a dream.









Then I dreamt of socks … odd socks

But when I woke…Ellie was behaving strangely as though she was keeping a secret from me.

I will just watch her and find out what she is up to.




Bob’s Diary: The sock nicker.

I kept looking at Maria, pointedly.

She should know my worried look by now.


And I had good reason.

The sock nicker is back in action.

sock nicker

The trouble is Ellie just doesn’t know the meaning of the word stop or quit. And I envy her this bed of trouble, it looks comfortable.

bed of socks



10 things Breeze can’t live without.

 1.      Fairy Cakes.. lemon cakes….cakes,….. any cakes

2.      Silly socks. Ogres always lose one of a pair of socks. Breeze has a sparkling pair the witches gave him. The socks giggle when they are lost. He looovvves his silly socks.

3.       Hair gel. Breeze has one hundred hairs on his head and he loves making the most of his few strands.

4.     Bubble gum. Breeze’s favorite story is about a boy who got trapped in a bubble and had an amazing adventure. Breeze keeps a giant packet in his house and practices chewing every day. (see Childrens Stories)

5      A giant poster of a politician, – perfect for shooting darts or custard pies at.

6.      A talking recipe book (with good manners). Breeze loves cooking but is slow to read

7.      A night light. Breeze does not like spiders.

8.      Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

9.      A hug. Ogres are very squishy and huggable.

10.     A dog to chase and play with (Bob visits often and comes back smiling, with icing sugar on his fur.)

Bob :

I'll do anything for jellies.

I’ll do anything for jellies.