Bob’s Diary: Fun on the river

Ellie had fun on the river and I thought you might like to see the photographs.

Remember the boat?

ipp It is still afloat.

But it is used for a variety of things, mainly

Hisilicon K3



though it is used as a ball catcher by you-know-who. But it does pose a few challenges to her.


Though the result is always the same – She wants more.


Bob’s Diary: Are we going or are we staying?

It was Sunny, an event in itself. We were told to get in the car Maria was getting ready.

I knew what this meant.

Hisilicon K3

Time for a snooze

Hisilicon K3

And a good roll around.


And Ellie? She was afraid M would go without us.

Hisilicon K3

She is not very trusting is she?

She didn’t want to miss seeing her pals.

Hisilicon K3


Hisilicon K3


Maria’s Stuff: Life is stranger than Fiction

The proof is in this true story.

Amadeo's house

Niall’s legs felt like lead as he walked the short distance to collect his car which he had left parked at his sister’s house. Two days of work with only travel time between jobs left him feeling as grey as the sky overhead.

Lost in this hazy greyness he failed to notice the tiny woman until she spoke to him. “Good afternoon.” Her soft voice had an authoritative air to it which made him stop before her.

He noted her pastel pink coat, soft nude coloured shoes and pink hat thinking, she is dressed like the Queen of England. Niall noted the package she carried was square, wrapped in a crimson glossy paper and sitting on top of it a perfectly formed golden bow. He looked around him and couldn’t see how she had arrived at this old house on the top of the hill. He wondered if she was an angel.

“I’ve been invited to tea.” Her crisp words brought a smile to his face.

Niall opened the gate and she, to his surprise, walked through. He followed and they walked towards his car.

“You must work here. Are you the gardener?” She stared at him closely. “I have come to have tea with Lady Louise.”

He wondered in what parallel universe did gardeners wear nifty suits and white shirts. But she reminded him of his grandmother, whom he missed, so he made no caustic comment.

“No, I don’t work here. I left my car with my sister who is minding the house while the owner is away and I have come to collect it. I don’t think there is anyone here.” He waited for her to digest this information.

“So I am at the wrong house. I should try the other big house on the far side.” She said with a nod which sent a ripple waving across her silver hair.

He opened the passenger door intending to leave his jacket on the seat when, to his astonishment she neatly slipped into the seat.

Her blue eyes flashed at him as she said, “That is good you have your car. It won’t take a minute.”

Niall smiled while inside he groaned. He had thirty minutes to get to Dublin for his last appointment, then it would be home for food and sleep. He opened his mouth then thought better of speaking. He shut the door carefully and got into the driver’s seat.

The house in question was a mere four hundred yards away. He drove slower than normal and arrived before the large electronic entrance gate.

“It’s shut.” His passenger said. “I’ll wait.”

Lucky for all concerned the gate opened and he drove through, straight to the front door.

Then without thinking he got out, raced around to the passenger door, opened it and when she alighted Niall gave a slight nod.

With a nod in his direction she sailed sweetly past him carrying her gift.

Niall didn’t linger. Tiredness evaporated as he got back into his seat, gunned the engine and got out of there before he was snared again. “I am not up to dealing with a double dose of silver-haired trouble today.” He said with a sigh of relief as he noted his passenger had gone inside.

Bob’s Diary: Summer – Irish Style.

It is no wonder Irish people spend many hours talking or lamenting the weather.












In the past few days we have gone from this:






to this, (the vertical lines are large drips of rain falling from the roof)


which means



How we spin and weave tales. Humpty Dumpty

I was walking with a friend when the strange topic of children’s nursery rhymes and their origins was raised.  I discovered the truth behind some of the tales is indeed very strange and proof of how stories are twisted and turned.

Take for example the tale of Humpty Dumpty.

According to some historians, Humpty Dumpty was the nickname of a cannon used during the English Civil War of 1642–1649. This was the era of the Royalists and King Charles 1 and his battle with the Parliamentarians who wished to take control and remove the king of his crown.


On Colechester city walls there were several large cannons, the largest was named, Humpty Dumpty and it was used to prevent the Parliamentarians from entering the city.  During the battle the Parliamentarians focused on the wall on which the great cannon sat. The wall was blown apart and as it collapsed, Humpty Dumpty hit the ground.

True to the nursery rhyme because of its great size none of the Kings horses and men were able to pull him back up again.

Just like Bob, when he is down – he is down.



Bob’s Diary: Training and Trees.

Good morning

I have been put on a strict training program but I have a plan.

My tactics are as follows.

1. Wag tail enthusiastically at strangers – this encourages petting and stopping time.

2. Keep looking up into the trees. Maria stops to wonder what I am looking at and I get another rest.ippipp


3. Bark at hedges. Another stop while Ellie investigates the cause of my barking.

I have to say it is working wonderfully and I really do not mind walking when I apply these few simple steps.