Having an imagination, writing but not getting published is, like owning a Ferrari and discovering you are not able to drive it due to the state of the roads. This I discovered can be frustrating.

I started or created this blog to help put my name out there. I have many short stories written and looking for a home. I have had some success to date with getting published.

This is a glimpse into my whacky world filled with writing, working with dogs, volunteering, all the time attempting to keep my house clean and my sanity.

I am discovering that less is best in regard to: housework and tv which gives me more time to do all the stuff I enjoy. Life is too short, don’t you agree? My pages are filled with photographs, humour and snippets of my work, hope you enjoy at least some of them.

Since becoming a blogger my knowledge base has expanded about the world and the people who occupy it. It has made me realise people hold many hidden talents and here is a great place to share them. I love this freebie/encouraging award that is being given to all of us courtesy of Penny Howe (thewhyaboutthis.com)

Last but not least, I firmly believe only quitters are losers, so I will keep plodding on. If you would like details of books I have published, one children’s chapter book and one adults book, please email me. Or if you would like to contribute to this blog feel free to send me an email at: matthewsmaria92@yahoo.com


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  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog “Musings of a Horse Mom.” Glad to have you on board. … And all the best with your writing projects. As I writer I know what a slog it can be, but it’s also so rewarding. Just keep going and nurture this thing you love … Dorothy πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for commenting on my post. I definitely agree with your last sentence, so keep on moving! Also, you coach athletics? I used to be an sprinter myself, I love track & field. Personally, it created a lot of willpower and discipline that I now use in my everyday life. Coaching people and (maybe/probably) giving them those traits is a very noble thing to do.


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  4. I have been lucky enough to have my work published, but, honestly, more people actually see your work if you have a blog and build up a following. It’s good to have some solid publishing credits, but (in my opinion) it’s better if more people are able to read your work. Warm wishes!


  5. Hello there

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and following your progress, so here’s to you all, thank you for sharing. Kind Regards, Bitzyfit!
    I’ve put the rules down for you, but feel free to copy and paste if it helps πŸ™‚


  6. Good day, Maria. Thank you for stopping by, commenting, and following. Your blog is a delight, and I’ll be back for more!. Oh, I do so know what you mean about quitting. I am a specialist on quitters and those who persevere…I’ve quit many, many, many times πŸ˜‰ I started my blog for the same reasons as you…getting ourselves “out there” gives us exposure as well as priceless feedback from the public. It also gives us a chance to share what we do on our terms, while keeping faith and attracting good things in our lives.

    Blessings for living out your life’s purpose and joy,



  7. Thank you for visiting my blog, and my post on Cinderella Ever After. I want to say it’s more and more possible to make your own books-either by print on demand-or small press. I don’t know where you are located, but there are artist book centers all over the US and the world. People who are happy to share info on how to make books, or collaborate!


  8. Hi Maria

    You recently entered a giveaway to win e-books by Jaime Buckley via my blog If Books Could Blog, I emailed you about your prize, please contact me if you wish to redeem your prize, if you’re no longer interested please let me know so I can select another winner.

    Best wishes



  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love comments. Food for thought and new takes on things. I started blogging for the same reasons as you and a whole new world has opened. I still hope to get published one day but that is now happening everyday albeit in just a small way. Like your blog and am now following.


    • Thank you, I’m looking forward to learning a better insight into how a dog thinks and why they behave in certain ways. Though I have learn a lot from the dogs who have lived with us, there is always room for improvement.


  10. Thanks for appreciating my post and following my blog β€œMagnanimous Word.”
    I agree…’Less is best in regards to housework and TV.’ If we keep doing all the thankless housework, it won’t take us anywhere. Same with too much TV.
    I am following you now.

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