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Having finished a kettlebell session with MG (Moira Groome) I thought I was going home to bed but the opposite has happened. I feel full of energy.

So I won’t preach about the joys of exercising but I will say that it suits me, I don’t go mad with aerobics or spin classes, I walk and throw in the occasional extra session. And so far it works.

I am wondering if it is possible to do the same for dogs, as Bob’s weight is an ongoing issue and his hatred of exercise doesn’t help any of us.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a chunky dog a little less chunky ? Only those that have been tried and tested need apply.


6 thoughts on “Maria’s Stuff

  1. Has your vet tested your dog for hypothyroidism? Low thyroid causes weight gain and dogs with low thyroid don’t want to move. Usually just want to eat and sleep. They actually look depressed- after my daughter pointed it out to me. Get him tested (if that’s not been done recently) and then put him on a quality weight reduction dog food. Follow instructions exactly. Good luck.

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