Maria’s Stuff: Free on Amazon – Kindle Deal

As many of you know I have taken a giant step for me and self published my 1st book. It was a tough decision to make but I knew I had to start somewhere. Self publishing like blogging is a journey. And I decided the only way to thank those who support me in my blogging journey was to make the book available to you.

The book is available free on Kindle from August 27th until August 30th. The link for American readers is simply:


The first  chapter is available here to give you a taste of it.


As my two readers pictured here are not good at giving reviews, I am asking for reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.











Once again thank you all for encouraging me to keep writing. (I promise I will get better at it as time goes by.)

E-Book Cover


26 thoughts on “Maria’s Stuff: Free on Amazon – Kindle Deal

  1. i am here thanks to mutual friend doris.. internet is too slow in remote ecuador to view or download, but on thursday i will have faster internet while traveling.. thanks in advance, and i look forward to reading and providing a review.

    i love your cover and the design of your book.. the images of your favorite bookworms are great as well!



      • duh, i forgot that the kindle aps are on my desktop, and i am traveling with an ancient mini laptop on its last legs…

        i did read the first chapter and loved it – shows how a woman should believe in herself and the ability of her animals to perform – often thru the heart.. i competed in equestrian speed event when i was young, and it was often me against the high-dollar ‘schooled’ horses and the wealthy owners.. it was always empowering to know that my little horse and the backyard training trumped the elite class…

        i look forward to reading more… perhaps i should put that in a review – then return when possible for a second!



      • That would be perfect. How kind of you. I also love horses they always took care of me as I was the worst rider in the family .Have a safe and happy trip…Maria


      • you are wlcome lovely doris! when i fly to the usa, i usually go thru houston and switch from international to domestic.. if i should roll out and travel by land, how far are you from the airport?

        right now my days are tight w/visa regulations for ecuador.. but in the future it would be fun to grant you that wish!

        i would be the one to win by meeting you!


  2. Doris’ blog brought me here and I will definitely check out your book. Congratulations on publishing it – it’s wonderful to share your creativity with the world (and you have some very cute furry readers there!).


  3. Great stuff!
    The beauty of publishing thus is that you can be ‘out there’ but still work on imperfections – I am still finding a number of creases which need to be ironed out in my own already exhaustively-edited books.


  4. Ahh! Maria, forgive me, but now I’ve put the pieces of the acquaintance puzzle together. Yes, I know you from blogging and I remember seeing this post a couple of months ago, and contacted you with a question about CreateSpace – which you so kindly answered through email. I’ve been so busy with a regular job (very demanding during these holidays, which I normally love) 😦 …and with marketing my books that my mind seems cluttered lately.

    I did run into some obstacles with CreateSpace – conversion files and the full cover formatting, so i decided to let that go for a while until I can hopefully pay someone to do it for me. You really have to be computer savvy for all of this.

    Anyway, I’m glad we met again, via Twitter, and I’d like to feature your Mudpilewood blog and this story on Leisure Lane soon if that’s alright with you.



    • Marianne thank you for the request. We would love to be featured on Leisure Lane, (it is a cute name for a blog page). We (Doris and Maria) waiting on our proof copy of our children’s book. Hopefully it will appear on Amazon around Christmas.


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