Maria’s Stuff: A question for everyone

A question to everyone regarding the children’s illustrated book  Doris and Maria are working on (featuring the Ogre Breeze)

Have you or would you buy a children’s book

1)  online


2) in a bookshop


Your answer would help me (Maria) and stop me dithering,

thank you.


7 thoughts on “Maria’s Stuff: A question for everyone

  1. Hmmmm… a very interesting question 🙂 I believe that internet is very convenient store nowadays… hehehehe so it would be nice to look first in the internet where to buy these kind of books and if it’s already available in the internet then I won’t hesitate to buy one but of course I must make sure they are legitimate ones. But the advantage in a bookshop is that you can already hold on those books with your hands right away.. unlike in the internet where you could only view them on the screen. It would still depend on every individual’s preference.

    I hope this would help 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Sorry not helpful, but both! If I were in the book shop and it was attractively illustrated, I might not have realised how nice it was from the screen. But if it’s an author I already know, I live a long way from shops, so internet would be more convenient.


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