Childrens Stories

 Lickity Split

Ronan and his Granny were collecting eggs from the henhouse.

“Dinosaurs are great. They are bigger than a house, taller than the sky, if I had one, I could ride him to school instead of going on the bus!” He spotted a huge egg sitting on a pile of straw in the corner of the hen house.

“Wow, a dinosaur egg! Can I have this Gran please?”

“Of course, dear,” she said.

Ronan put it in a box to keep safe. He tucked his jumper around it to keep it warm. He brought it indoors and placed it beside his bed. “It will be a great dinosaur.” He said to his mum.

She thought it looked like a very big hen’s egg.

He woke up to see his egg wearing dad’s glasses.

“It is not funny! Lickity Split doesn’t need any glasses.”

Dad said. “I thought it was funny.”

The next morning the egg was wearing a hat and wrapped in a scarf.

“I thought it looked cold,” mum said.

“No, he isn’t.” Ronan said.

Every morning and evening Ronan raced into his room to check on the egg. It sat there waiting for him. “What if Lickity Split stays in there forever?” Ronan asked his mum.

“Well you can’t force him, you just have to wait,” she told him.

Ronan’s best friend Dave giggled when he saw Lickity Split.

“Will he be able to do this?” Dave looked at his dog and said, “Flip go to sleep.”

Flip lay on the floor and closed his eyes.

Ronan said, “No.”

Dave smiled. “Will he be able to do this? Flip.”

The dog opened his eyes.

“Flip sit up and ask.”

When Flip sat up and barked, Dave gave him half his biscuit.

“Don’t be silly Lickity Split is a dinosaur, not a dog,” Ronan looked mad.

“A dog would be better.” Dave said.


Dave squished up his nose and thought about his answer.

“If Lickity is a dinosaur he will gobble up the furniture, gulp down Flip, and munch on you and me.”

Ronan became worried. He didn’t want dad or mum or Dave or his grannies or granddads or that nice Mrs. Mullins in the shop who always gave him a sweet, to be crunched on by Lickity Split.

‘Oh, I have a problem!”

Dave said, “Your Dad will know what to do! Dad’s always do!”

Ronan went to his dad. ‘If Lickity Split is a dinosaur he might gobble us up. What will I do?”

Dad smiled at him and said, “You could get a pet, with a smaller mouth!”

“I don’t know what to pick.” Ronan said thinking of crocodiles, spiders, snakes and  rabbits.

Dad smiled, “pets often pick you.”

Next morning, when Ronan woke up, he heard a funny noise in the bathroom.  Peeping in he shouted, “Lickity Split has arrived!”

Picking up Lickity Split he raced downstairs. “This is Lickity , but what is he?”

Dad laughed. “He is a Lickity Split who will not eat you! We need to build him a home.”

No one liked to tell Ronan Lickity Split was a chicken but Dave soon told him.

Lickity Split lived to be a ripe old age and kept Ronan’s dog “Buster” company for many years when Ronan was doing important stuff at school.

Lickity Split lived to be a ripe old age and kept Ronan’s dog “Buster” company for many years while Ronan was doing important stuff at school.


6 thoughts on “Childrens Stories

  1. Hello, my name is Coraline and I found you on Amazon Book Reviews. I’m a children’s author and released my first early chapter reader, Pixie And The Green Book Mystery. It’s an action-packed illustrated story about a girl on a journey to save the fairy tales at her local library. The Purple Mystery, the second in the series is on the way.
    I would love to send you my story for an honest review.

    Thank you for your time,
    Coraline Grace


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