Bob’s Inventions or Do-whacky’s

copy-cropped-cropped-01-08-08_11393-e1367597039641.jpgI’m a dog with a plan,  I’m always thinking. Hope you find these ideas interesting:

Some day she will thank me for making her rich.I'm not sleeping I'm inventing.

Some day she will thank me for making her rich.

This is my invisible hat, what do you think?


6 thoughts on “Bob’s Inventions or Do-whacky’s

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  3. Hi Bob,
    Just wondering whether you have an eBay store? I desperately need one of your inventions. I’vee got myself in a terrible spot. It is summer over here in Sydney and you know how it is when you start shedding. Well, I’m a bit like a sheep with all that wool falling out. I usually do a pretty good job of looking after my coat but after going swimming at the beach and then standing in the rain, my fur somehow set like cement and that was when both Mum and Dad starting attacking me with the brush, the scissors and they even squirted me with soemthing like a fire hose and caked me in stinky stuff calling it a bath or some other form of torture. I responded quite firmly to reflect my annoyance but did go overboard with the claws. I didn’t mean to scratch Mum. Truly! I just get a little freaked out at times. So, if you could send me one of your inventions, I’d be most grateful. You seem quite a big dog yourself so you’ll appreciate that I’m what you’d call an XXL. I certainly couldn’t fit inside one of those orange cones I’ve seen beside the road. xx Bilbo the Australian Border Collie.

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    • Unfortunately i don’t have an ebay store. However Ellie suffers from the same problem and we sympathise with you. She is allergic to sissors and brushes. I enjoyed your story – would you consider a guest post on my small site?


      • Definitely!! You can have it written by Bilbo or myself. Bilbo has a pretty good story of being a backyard dog and then beignt aken over to Palm beach and going sailing and kayaking. Lady’s arrival. But then not coping with the bath. I could put that together as some sort of unlikely hero. How does that sound? We are a small site too, although I’ve been putting in more time and have made some progress lately xx Rowena

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