Dogs and more Dogs + one Kitten

I’ll do anything for jellies.

There was only one Bob, but we did meet a lot of dogs in the past few years, some came to visit, some to stay awhile (including 2 kittens) and today, has me looking at images of some of those we met, and had fun with..

What is your favourite breed? And why?


Bob’s Dream: A tale for children big and small.

Zodiac Cottage.

Ten year old Jamie was spending the day with his aunts at Zodiac cottage. He knew it was not an ordinary house or they ordinary aunts.

His mum dropped him to their house reminding him to be good. Jamie smiled. He shouted out, “Myra, Mina, Mo, it’s me.” He walked into the kitchen and stopped.

The three women, still dressed in their pajamas, were having breakfast. Their chairs hovered a foot off the ground and the table spun slowly around.  The kitchen was one enormous mess, with dishes stacked on the floor and table.

“We are having, Brunch-inner, a mixture of  Breakfast, Lunch and dinner.” They said, together.

“Ooh, careful,” Mo said as a spoon flew through the air.

Jamie ducked. A lump of porridge flew over his head landing on the wall with a loud splat. Jamie bent low to pet Sonic, their cat. When he  looked at Mo he discovered  everything had changed. Myra, Mina and Mo were neatly dressed and sitting at a very organized table.

“How do you do?” sang Mina very correctly.

“Welcome,” said Myra.

“Hello” said Mo quietly, “Would you like tea?”

Jamie smiled, “Yes please.” He sat beside them. Sonic jumped up onto Jamie’s lap and began to purr.

“It’s been an unusual day Jamie,” said a grumpy looking Mina.

“Really?” asked Jamie.

Mina scrunched her eyes up and looked at Jamie.  “Nasty leprechauns were here earlier. Did you see them?”

“No I only saw the gnomes in the garden who are fishing for strawberries.” said Jamie truthfully. Then he turned his attention to the plate of chocolate biscuits before him.

When brunch-inner was finished Jamie offered to wash the dishes.

Mo stared at him. “Are you mad? The dishes will wash themselves thank you.”

Mo snapped her fingers. The cutlery slid in a neat line off the table and landed on the counter top. The plates and mugs followed. Then they dishes did indeed wash themselves.  Jamie enjoyed watching because some huge bubbles were made by the washing up brush which spun about in the sink. With the dishes finished and the bubbles gone Jamie went in search of something to do.

He met Myra.  “Is Sonic with you?” she asked.

Jamie said, “No. He was here a while ago.

Myra said, “I think the nasty smelly leprechauns cat napped him.”

Jamie laughed. He couldn’t help it.  A cat being catnapped, really, he thought.

Myra stamped her foot in anger. The flowers spun about, petals flying in all directions. With a twitch of her hand the spinning stopped and the petals hopped back in place but back in the wrong place. They looked like a baby had drawn them.

Jamie said, “Finding Sonic should be easy peasy for a wiz witch like you.”

“Would be if I could calm down and remember the spell. Cats keep us calm and happy but now I am neither.”

Jamie smiled. “I understand a calm witch is a wiz but a flustered witch is a dizzy witch.”

“Exactly.” She smiled. “You are a smart boy. Are you sure you are not a wizard?”

“Sadly no, I am not.” Jamie said.

“I have discovered in this life it doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t. What you need is a magnifying glass. ”

Myra flicked her baseball cap upwards and took out a large magnifying glass. She handed it to Jamie. “For you to look for clues,” she said.

“Thanks,” said Jamie.

Myra lifted her cap again. This time she took out a heavy-looking book. Jamie read the title “How to survive an encounter with a leprechaun.” She sat on the garden fence.

Jamie searched everywhere for clues.  “It’s no good” he said, “the grounds too dry.

“It says here leprechauns are stinking creatures who snivel and moan a lot.”

Jamie decided he would rather not meet one. He went to find Mina and Mo. Mina said, “We are going to the fair later. Would you like to come with us?”

They walked to the village. A poster at the entrance to the fair caught Jamie’s attention,

Dog Show    –  2 pm.

Cat Show    –  3 pm.

“I bet that is where Sonic went.” Mina muttered. “He loves competitions.”

There were a lot of tents selling jam, cakes and knitted items.  Jamie hated shopping. He said he would go and look for Sonic.

Jamie saw a group of dogs and people in a corner of the field near a sign that said, Dog Agility Competition.  He moved closer and noticed how alike the dogs and owners were. A loud purring noise got his attention. He was delighted to see Sonic sitting beside him.

A tough looking man with a fierce dog stared at them. Jamie politely smiled back. A low menacing growl came from the dog who was facing Sonic.

Perhaps I should pick him up thought Jamie. But before he could do anything, Sonic faced the snarling dog.

Sonic fixed him with a cool stare and said,  “WOOF!”

The dog before them turned and ran, pulling his thick chunky owner after him. To Jamie’s surprise Sonic walked into the ring. A tall lady wearing a huge hat shouted “who owns this cat? Remove it.”

Jamie followed Sonic who  neatly jumped over three small jumps, climbed an A frame, walked along a high plank, jumped through a hoop and walked into a tunnel. When Sonic reappeared at the other end of the tunnel there was a round of applause from everyone watching.

The woman scowled. “He is a cat, this is a competition for dogs.”

Jamie saw a large spider creeping along his arm. The spider was rainbow colored and wore  a baseball hat. The spider jumped onto his head. He heard Myra say, “Take it easy, it is me. I’m not so good at coping with spinning a web and a jiggling head. That lady is awfully rude.”

As soon as she said it the strangest thing happened. The lady’s mouth was moving but no one could hear a word she said. Then to their amazement she walked forwards and collected a large silver cup from a table. She handed the cup and a large red ribbon to Jamie. Her face was a fiery red colour and her mouth moved a lot but nothing could be heard.

“Why thank you.” Jamie said and left with Sonic at his side and Myra spinning a giant colored web in his hair.

They celebrated that evening by having a chocolate only picnic in the trees at the cottage, Sonic was the guest of honor.


Bob’s Diary. Why cats?

I don’t understand why people are so taken with cats.


They don’t chase balls or fetch stuff. They just lie around and moan a lot. I’ve tried explaining we don’t need them as I catch the mice in this house, two so far this month and winter is not even here yet.

Maybe someone can explain the fascination to me but here is a sketch Maria did a while back of one breaking his way into the house.


Bob’s Diary: I thought the coast was clear.

It was Tuesday Maria was setting up to start blogging after we had a glorious walk when her phone went ping. She grabbed her coat, kicked me and Ellie outside.

When she arrived back we were not greeted as normal. I got curious.

bob 2 tuesday

bob 1 tuesdayThey were back!


robyn playing
This is just ridiculous.





they are back




maddie prowlingSomething has to give and it won’t be me.

bob and robyn

Bob’s Diary: 5 Wonderful things I accomplished yesterday.


1.  I let Maria pet me for half an hour (she thought she was brushing me)

     – it lowers her stress levels.

2. I ignored Ellie and slept all afternoon.

3. I went for a walk

4. I ate all my dinner.

5. I helped exercise the neighbors scrawny cat.

Please tell – What did you accomplish?

Children’s Story: Millie Plants Ideas


Millie loves to help in the garden.  “Squish, squash,” Millie sang as she jumped up and down on the seeds she planted.  She wore her favorite bright green boots.

Granddad said, “be kind to them Millie.”

“I am. See, first I dig a hole, then I cover them up with a blanket of soil. Then I make sure they are tucked in good and safe.”

Granddad said, “Jumping on them and shouting isn’t being gentle. If you are gentle surprising things can happen,” Granddad said. “Try it and see.”

Millie loves surprises. She decided to try being gentle to the animals around her. She sat on the grass whispering to Bob, (her dog) , Brandy (Granddad’s lazy cat) and a fat blackbird who sat on the fence.

Millie said, “Brandy I know you would love to catch the biggest mouse in the whole world.” He looked at her then went back to washing his paws.

“Mr. Blackbird, I know you will sing the best song ever.” The blackbird flew away.

“Bob you will learn to smile.” Millie said. “And I will plant my ideas in the garden to grow.”

Granddad looked at his garden. It was very neat, “but perhaps not in the vegetable beds.”

Millie went into the house to find ideas to plant.

She found a cupcake recipe. She folded it over and sprinkled it with sugar.

Outside in the garden she picked the sunniest spot in the flower bed. She dug a large hole. Millie pressed the folded recipe into the earth. On top of it she placed a red cherry. “I love cherries.”

In the house she found an old hat. “I love hats but you need a scarf,” she murmured carrying it outside. With a soft ‘plonk’ it went into the ground.

After their lunch of tomato soup and fruitcake Millie went to help Granddad with his digging.

By five o clock that evening she was tired. She sat on an old bucket and asked the blackbird. “Did you learn a sweet song?”

His answer was a sweet musical song. Millie smiled.

Granddad said, “I told you, being kind and gentle works.”

Millie went in search of Brandy. She discovered he had found and eaten her two chocolate mice. “Don’t be sick,” she warned him.

She went in search of Bob. She searched the whole house for him but could not find him.

“Millie, come and look at this.” Granddad shouted.

Down in Millie’s special flower bed she discovered a smiling Bob wearing a straw hat with a red scarf tied dangling from the brim. Bob was eating a large cherry cupcake. Granddad was sitting beside him on the grass minding four cherry cupcakes.

“Great work Millie. Try the hat on.”

She did. “You were right Granddad. Surprising things happen when you are gentle and kind.”

They sat wearing big smiles as they ate cherry cupcakes in the evening sun.