Bob’s Diary. Why cats?

I don’t understand why people are so taken with cats.


They don’t chase balls or fetch stuff. They just lie around and moan a lot. I’ve tried explaining we don’t need them as I catch the mice in this house, two so far this month and winter is not even here yet.

Maybe someone can explain the fascination to me but here is a sketch Maria did a while back of one breaking his way into the house.



20 thoughts on “Bob’s Diary. Why cats?

  1. In yesterday’s Italy cats helped a lot with cleaning the rats of the streets. Besides that, some people [including me] ‘are’ cats themselves, so they can get along more easily with beings alike. But, this’s just me, I donno… 🙂

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  2. Sorry to break it to you, Bob – but they’re prettier than you. Some of us have to earn our keep, but for some it’s enough just to sit around looking elegant and beautiful. (Actually, I suspect you know that and that’s why you despise them. You must be a socialist!)


  3. Hi,

    They are extremely intelligent. They sleep a lot, but it is because it is a physical requirement. Lions sleep 18 hours. They are loving in their own way. They are not clingy as hell like dogs. They don’t make tons of noise or tear up things that often.

    I have had probably 12 cats in my lifetime since being a little girl. I adopted my first cat as a teen and had her for 19 years until last year. Before having kids, she really kept me company. She seemed to always know when I was sad and never sat in my lap but would get as close to me as she could. She never demanded for anything-attention, love, or food. I love all animals, but I think that dogs are extremely needy and require an enormous amount of time and attention. For example, our cat is in the room with us now. He is doing is thing and we are sitting separately. But all are happy. We don’t have to get up and take him for a walk, we don’t have to take him out to use the bathroom. When we go to sleep, he generally sleeps at the end of one of our beds, purring like crazy.

    When we get up, he runs to his food bowl. He eats, cleans himself and sleeps. If we get out a string or one of his toys, he plays. He runs back and forth sporadically in a playful manner and sleeps again. He is a companion and a joy without being a burden. That is my take why people like cats. Some think that they are not smart, that is not true. They just don’t want to do what they don’t want to do-like people. Give them a chance,they are great pets!


    • I cannot disagree with one thing you said. My mum, sister and my daughter are all cat people. By that I mean they bond quicker with cats than with dogs. I was terrified of dogs when I was a toddler, but then I was timid, shy and frightened by most things. Mum’s answer was to let me choose a puppy. From that moment on I was a sucker for dogs. And I really don’t have anything against them. I babysit Sara’s kittens for her, much to Bob’s disgust as he has a dislike of them and the reason he doesn’t like them is simply that they put him in his place, one swipe of a paw and he backs off, not that he is given the chance to get near them.
      Ellie on the other hand likes cats, she often disappears to find a ball or toy to give the visiting kittens and then sits with me to watch the fun of them playing with it.
      It seems that my innocent post has stirred up a lot of attention. Thank you for visiting my blog site and now I am off to check out yours.


  4. I’ve had loads of both dogs and cats, and loved them all for their unique personalities and wonky senses of humor. I can’t imagine a home without the yin and yang balance of feline and canine. But there’s an excellent quote about both of them that I find solidly true: Dogs require an owner, cats require a staff.


  5. I believe it is through the unholy power of alien mind control technology that the feline regime is able to manipulate humanity into forming an artificial one-sided bond that will provide free room and board for the Sacred Brotherhood Of Cute until the motherhood arrives to officially begin the final stage of invasion. Meanwhile they’re everywhere, watching for people like me. People who know. Sometimes I hear them when I’m trying to sleep. Calling.

    Help me.


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