Book Review- Love Struck. By Maria Mathews.

Reviews are like gold hard to find, I would like to say thank you to Kurian and his book club members for this great post


Love Struck

In the blog world we come across many writers and follow them. Sometimes you write something which gets the attention of your followers and occasionally some of them could be great writers. And then you mention your intention to write a book of your own, and see the offers of assistance and definitely good wishes from many. Imagine then the announcement of forming a Book Writer’s Club. You get some attention.

Perhaps all these or one of them or a combination of a few that prompted writer Maria Mathews to give me an offer to read her book. And she did a beautiful thing, she sent an autographed book all the way from Ireland for me in India to read.

I took some unusually long time to start reading it. But once started I felt a connection. This review is about what I felt when I read the book.


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