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I am writing this out of pure frustration. Perhaps it is an age thing but computers, phones and all types of gadgets, as we are told, need passwords. The trouble being – they all need to be different and we are also told we shouldn’t write them down or make them personal and the longer the better.

Does anyone have a hint or suggestion regarding the ability to stay safe with passwords and more importantly, remember them?


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  1. .Hi Maria! I have been in a similar spot. I made myself a document of passwords. I’ve made it in columns, more or less, to be easier to read.

    Entity. Email address used. Password

    It is now quite long. There is no way that I’ll remember them all.

    For making passwords some people use phrases in lower case without spaces between words, making it easy to recall and hard to break. Example: mydogisgreat.

    There are software products you can use as well. Personally, I just use the document I made on Microsoft Word.

    Consider a good internet security system like McAfee or Norton and a good VPN like Express VPN. This should keep potential hackers from getting at your documents.

    There are other software programs you can purchase to save your passwords but they can get expensive.

    I wish all this was simpler.

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  2. Password managers are the answer. There are many of these applications available, some free. Examples are Dashlane, 1Password, BitWarden, etc. With these you create a master password that is held securely and the application generates and manages individual complex passwords for each instance where one is needed. Google “password manager” for details.


  3. I just use a notebook I keep in a safe place with me passwords. Ok not totally secure but better than online I reckon. Oops Hope no one reading this knows where I live!

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  4. I write number passwords down as clues only I would know: i.e. number of children, kittens in last litter, Bob’s birthdate, last number in address.. (This would be a 4 number password)

    Or: phone number when I was little, or use words and numbers combined –mary’s address, name of my summer camp, first boyfriend.

    And keep a list of them. If someone finds it, chances are they won’t be able to figure them out.


    • Hi Judy I was using the write down system then a much younger friend at work, discovered my system and gave me a telling off. According to her, passwords should be 14+ characters long. I was panicking at the thought of a notebook full of passwords! But your system makes sense. Thank you for your advice.


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