Sunny Days and Sandcastles

It was hot. We were hot and sticky so a trip to the beach was suggested and agreed upon.

Unfortunately, we were not alone. There was standing room only at the nearest beach to us and half of the county.   However, we did get to see some amazing Sand sculptures.  Let’s hear what you think of these,



Pictures to make you smile

I had often spotted them doing this but never managed to get a picture until now.


It is one reason why I worry about what will happen when old age takes him from her and us.

The next picture was pure fluke, the pups were in their kennel and a pipe had been left with them to see what would they make of it. After sitting on it, jumping over it, one pup went missing.

Then we found him…


How do we know the weather is changing?

The answer in this house is simple. Take a look at these pictures,


Bob hunkers down for a boring day of watching me clean the house,



Ellie, gathers every sock she can find, and then hides them creating her own version of: “Go Find”


Even the  sunflowers start to turn away, as though attempting to hide from the impending rain. (Also note, gate painting had to stop, though the painter was not sorry about this change of plans).

Garden Delights

All of my hard work is starting to pay off, as the garden is becoming more colorful with each brief burst of sunshine another plant wakens.


Oops sorry, she was doing her best to get in every shot, so…..

I put her in, Bob, well he was, sleeping. He will catch up with you next time.

Maria’s Stuff: Trouble of a wireless kind.

Hi just a heads up to everyone, I have not forgotten to check out your blog posts.

My problem is the internet is working in fits and starts which means plenty of walks to cool down in between – which is not Bob’s favorite past time however here are a few pics of him avoiding walking quickly.

Hisilicon K3

Fog filled morning

go slow

go slow

\Falling behind

\Falling behind

heading to the woods he is behind again

heading to the woods he is behind again

Don't tell here I am here

Don’t tell her I am here

Getting back to work

We (Ellie and I) have been busy getting back to the serious job of working/training for S&R. There has been a lot of walking, obedience, river work, scent work  however,  it is not all work and no play as you can see from the photos

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

We were waiting a long time and

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

in the end we had to go in search of our missing companion.

Yes – he had gone home for a snooze.

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

Holidays and stuff.

I apologize to all I follow for my lack of attention to your blog pages.

I was lucky to have a holiday in Scotland last week. We spent some days in Conan Bridge north of Inverness and we loved it. The people were amazing, the food great and the entertainment second to none.

Here are a few pictures of an amazing place.



Go hug a tree he said, so I did.


A shy Dolphin


At Dunrobin Castle we spent an entire day. And made some unusual friends


Scotland has castles at every turn in the road.

IMG_8428 IMG_8339

Bob’s Diary: Summer – Irish Style.

It is no wonder Irish people spend many hours talking or lamenting the weather.












In the past few days we have gone from this:






to this, (the vertical lines are large drips of rain falling from the roof)


which means