When your tough has vanished, how do you get it back?

This Level 5 is beating all who live in Ireland into the ground. Smiles are hard to find, teenagers (and we understand ) are pushing the boundaries, even us grandparents are about to jump fences, just to get to see and hug a grandchild. But we are told to be positive and some of us are, some are so positive it makes the rest of us envious.

These guys help, as we have to feed, walk and yes pet them.

How is the rest of civilisation doing? Any response alien or otherwise would be appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Help

  1. First the bad news, Maria. While you were locked up, The Rapture took place and all the good folk were called to Heaven. It’s just you, me and the dogs that are left. The good news is that now you can come back out. Just kidding…hang in there!

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    • Hey Maxwell, I became a hermit sorry for that but playing with your Irish pals here is always a great way to relax and forget the outside world. Doug has learnt to chase a ball and we began to teach him how to play Flyball but Ellie had other ideas. She hid all balls from him and me! How are you keeping? And how is your human doing?


  2. Hello there … I hope you’re still around. I’ve been gone but am now back and getting my write on. I’ve read that the UK is approaching full vaccination … Are you guys part of that? The US *could* be close to on a par with England, but we have too many idiots.

    Anyway. Hello.

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    • Good morning, from us ladies and guys in Ireland. Yes I am still hanging in there, I seem to have forgotten to blog with all that is going on around us but I am determined to get back to writing. We are a little more laid back here in Ireland regarding vaccinations, but we are slowly catching up, think tortoise and hare. Most of my friends are over 50 and all have there 1st dose and 3/4 of us have received our second dose. Regarding business’s opening up most people have been given the option of working from home and some are taking this offer. Restaurants, bars and hotels are the worst hit, with restaurants and bars only allowed to serve customers outdoors – dining and drinking. So there is a small portion of them open. But really most of us are still being wary and anxious of what is happening around us. Going shopping infrequently or as needed staying local and meeting friends outside. Numbers are increasing again with the delta virus. Life is strange. Anyway thank you for touching base and reminding me that I should be blogging – How are you? And what way is your community? Are you managing to socialise as you used to or is there a new normal?


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