Introducing the team

I cannot forget him, but, this is a post linked to a new blog that is more concerned about the working dogs I have the pleasure to work with. They teach me all the stuff that Bob believed to be unimportant, that is everything to do with working dogs. Bob’s work was relaxing.

Working With Search Dogs

This blog can not be anything without these friendly faces. So before I go into a long winded post as to how we met perhaps it would be best to simply show and state the little I know about them. I say little because they constantly learn and develop and in the process drag me along with them.

Ellie, seasoned search dog whose mission in life seems to be to accumulate as many tennis balls as she can.

Ellie the eldest is the most experienced and vocal. She and I have been on many adventures together.

Judy will always find the scent and sometimes if I am not looking the container is also located.


Judy, is a labrador with a heart of gold, she lives to work and constantly wants to please those around her. She is as happy in the water as she is out of it.


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