This Simple Life

I believed, stupidly, that life would get easier as we age.

This is not the case and no one escapes, in this writers life.

I always wanted to write, that is a given with me, so I blog.

I am not competitive but have learned that button once pushed does not easily switch off. I try to get to the gym  2 or 3 times a week, to offset the bad habits I have i.e. slouching over a computer screen,  and the inherited family traits of heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy and high blood pressure. And have discovered it is addictive, sociable and exhausting but good.

As kids, we were brought up believing it is good to give back, so I volunteer.

I work with Ellie, who being a collie is all about being busy. Working with her led me to find a lab who also likes to work and now she has two sons who live to find anything I care to hide.

I almost forgot, I work not a full week but I work and now help to take care of Dad.

Add that into the mix along with a reluctance to say no and there is an explosion waiting to happen.

So I have decided to cut back but on what?  Housework is the tempting answer to that question, but I am a woman and we are programmed to only ignore the dust for so long.

Yes, this simple life I crave is a dream.

So any suggestions or advice would be gratefully received, mulled over and … tried out for a month or two.

Perhaps I should follow Bob’s example.



7 thoughts on “This Simple Life

  1. No matter what Bob may tell you, don’t forsake the regular exercise… it’s a life saver and extender. Housework… I don’t recognize that word but you can probably slough off a bit there.


  2. I’ve so badly lost the plot as regards housework – too much other stuff going on and I got overwhelmed. Again. So try not to let that happen, because it sucks – and it doesn’t go away; it just sits around and has babies. On the other hand, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart, you know. Something that’s helped me is … She’s pretty good at helping one figure out routines and priorities, and not beating yourself up for not being perfect. I suggest you go take a look. It’s presented as essentially being about housework but really it’s about defining what’s important and developing routines that prioritize that.


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