Help, tips and advice sought – Please.

We, (Sara and I) have been invited to visit a local school and talk to the class of Ā 8 year old pupils about writing and illustrating. The children have been reading our book and have each done a project on it, so I am looking forward to the visit though, I am a wee bit wary. I mean, I have been in classrooms with kids of this age before and you have to be ready for anything. So, with that in mind, I have loaded up on goodies (paint sets, brushes and sketch pads, along with a giant bucket of marshmallows).

What else do you think I need to bring?

The Runaway Schoolhouse


9 thoughts on “Help, tips and advice sought – Please.

  1. Bring water, you will be thirsty after all the questions and leftover marshmallows. šŸ™‚ Bring your sense of humor and an extra dose of patience. Both will see you through so much! Ask the teacher to have the students each come up with one question for you and give those to you a day in advance so you won’t be thrown off your game. Smile and enjoy, they will love you and feel special to have an actual author visit.


  2. Balloons. Or smiley faces. Every time a kid asks an intelligent question, or makes a serious observation, they get to stick a pin in a balloon, or you stick a smiley on them somewhere (and the one with the most smileys at the end gets … I dunno … a funny hat? A signed copy of your book? The biggest challenge with kids of that age is to get them to settle down and focus, and rewarding dignified behavior with a small, controlled explosion is a great way to take attention away from the clowns, who then stop performing.

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