Funny things happen in the rain in Ireland

For one thing, we are so used to rain that we just continue on as normal. If we get wet, well then eventually, we will get dry and then wet again. So on it goes in a circle.

Even dogs carry on as normal, in their own particular way as you can tell from the following pictures.

Ellie continues on as normal looking for anything to play with, then cools off in the river.


Judy, just heads to the river to swim, chase balls, sticks and generally have fun.




And Bob, well, he just finds a nice quiet spot, where he can watch the fun and they can come back and talk to him.



11 thoughts on “Funny things happen in the rain in Ireland

  1. I’ve only ever been stopped off at the airport in Ireland, but I do know of the rain in Scotland. Boy oh boy do I. One thing that always made me chuckle was the way the Scots walk in the rain, no umbrella. They seem to be that used to it. I on the other hand had to lose two good umbrellas before realizing even the strongest sort doesn’t hold up with all the blowing. Dogs well, my dog doesn’t get on too well with rain. She doesn’t sit out too much in the rain, or go out at all, unless carried out. She can’t stand the thunder and lightening, or any indication there will be any forthwith. Maybe your dog could toughen her up a bit; like is, if he can stand her sniffing his butt a while first!


      • It might be interesting. May I say that I simply dress for the weather. I understand that I have no control over the weather, so I don’t stress about it. I recognize that my health doesn’t do well in damper climates, which is why 4 years in Scotland was difficult. Still, I love the beauty of this country. Indiana weather (where I live) is rainy in spring, but not always, muggy in summer, but not always, colorful in fall, most always, and winter can be cold and snowy; even icy, but not always. May I mention that I am more of a home-body, so can stay inside for long periods without feeling claustrophobic. And I do. From the stool at my kitchen counter, where I sit often, I only see the beauty of the seasons. Thus, I have long since realized that nature has foresight I can only awe.


      • Though this may sound strange, it is true. I envy you the extremes of weather, we live in a constant state of; sure it will probably rain, and when it doesn’t it is a bonus. Warm sun filled days are rare and when they appear we shed our heavy jumpers and get sunburnt. Then when the sun retreats most of us simply shrug and say it was nice while it lasted. Even our winters are wet and mild, with us wishing for a cold frosty period to kill off stray bugs and germs. Thank you for replying to me, have a good weekend.

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