Hanging about in Ireland.

Summer is strange, but often life is stranger.

We tend to walk a lot, (well Ellie and myself – Bob avoids it at all costs.) And during the past few months we came across these items during our travels.

A parish walk confirmed we are indeed in Ireland.


Greenhouses are not only for plants!

An iconic item

Bubbles but not of the chocolate kind, unfortunately


Bob’s Diary: Dark times are coming, we are preparing.

Or at least I am preparing, take a look and see what you think.


bob high viz 1

If Superman has his suit then this is the ones for us Doggies,

high viz w

not Ellie’s pathetic attempt.

high viz 3

Who is going to notice a grotty tennis ball?


Bob’s Diary: 10 Things I love to Hear

10 Things a Dog called Bob loves to hear.


1.      Ahh, no it’s raining. We won’t be able to walk today.

2.     Go get that cat!

3.     It’s dinner time

4.     Ellie needs to go to the vet!

5.     I think I’ll put on a fire.

6.     It’s dinner time.

7.     Let’s go to the beach.

8.     As we walk past the chip shop. How about chips for tea?

9.     We have visitors coming, we can’t go walking.

10.    The turkey is cooked.