Hanging about in Ireland.

Summer is strange, but often life is stranger.

We tend to walk a lot, (well Ellie and myself – Bob avoids it at all costs.) And during the past few months we came across these items during our travels.

A parish walk confirmed we are indeed in Ireland.


Greenhouses are not only for plants!

An iconic item

Bubbles but not of the chocolate kind, unfortunately


Bob’s Diary: On the road – again.

You think you humans would learn. Somethings will never change,

roads will stay busy,

car on road

Dogs will always love trees no matter the shape or size,


And some dogs will always love walking, leading

bob on road

But this Bob will always, prefer,


being at home for tea.


Maria’s Stuff: Trouble of a wireless kind.

Hi just a heads up to everyone, I have not forgotten to check out your blog posts.

My problem is the internet is working in fits and starts which means plenty of walks to cool down in between – which is not Bob’s favorite past time however here are a few pics of him avoiding walking quickly.

Hisilicon K3

Fog filled morning

go slow

go slow

\Falling behind

\Falling behind

heading to the woods he is behind again

heading to the woods he is behind again

Don't tell here I am here

Don’t tell her I am here

Time Off


We had a tough week last week and I decided a little time off or out would be good for us.








However  one dog in  particular was a bit stubborn on the issue of doing something different. He refused to get in the car.



So Bob stayed at home to rest.






We went to rest the Ellie way.  Which meant there was a lot of walking,











throwing of balls and




once or twice  parking the ball while she went to investigate the sights and sounds of the wood.














When we arrived back home, he had moved but  poor Bob looked exhausted.



Bob’s Diary: Beware of Monsters Creeping up on us.

It was a busy night for spiders as you can see,

foggy morning 2


busy spiders 1foggy morning 1busy spiders 2So our walk was a little later than usual.


By eleven o’clock it was a glorious morning for sniffing and being out and about.

Until we stopped for a break and saw


A monster

windmill 3

On closer inspection it was an arms waving monster.

windmill 3a







I don’t like it. Could it be a weird giant spider?windmill 4



Maria’s Stuff: Sunday without dogs

I had a day out with a difference on Saturday, it took a lot of persuasion to get Bob smiling again because I left him at home. Thank you to Meath River Rescue for letting me tag along.


To make it up to him I brought him to the wood searching for an Ogre to chase.

ipp ipp ipp

As you can see it took a long time, with many stop offs along the way.