Breeze: Mudpile Wood.

Tips for surviving enjoying your holiday in Mudpile Wood.

Leave your sunscreen at home (mud is used if sunscreen is needed), do bring the following:

1.            A really loud whistle, to help wake the Ogre at the gate, otherwise you may spend the entire trip camped outside the wood.

2.            Warm hats and gloves, (fingerless gloves are best in case you are trapped in a warlock’s tavern, you may have to pick a slippy, disgusting lock to escape.)

3.            Wellington Boots (but not red, as witches despise red boots, they tend to set them on fire.)

4.            Chocolate smelling deoderant. Everyone in Mudpile hates eating chocolate but they adore the smell.

5.            A clever friend who can solve puzzles in case Murphy the Leprechaun catches you, he will only release you when you solve his puzzle.

6.            Bring a lot of clothes  pegs. Hamish the resident Goblin adores his pet skunk. However, the skunk, Smelly doesn’t like living amongst, witches, elves, Ogres and Fairies and shows his displeasure by being … well… Smelly!

7.            Bring something unusual to eat. The residents adore eating and will try any new exotic food. By offering them an unusual tart or fruit you are gaining a friend.

8.            Don’t drive there. They hate cars and technology. Phones when discovered are smashed to pieces, computers have been sat on  and tablets, eaten.

9.            Bring loads of books. Ogres have an insatiable appetite. First they  read the book then they eat it.

10.          Last and not least, a sense of humour and some childish manners, it will help win you friends and erase any enemies.

For an image of Breeze (Ogre) inhabitant of Mudpile wood please check out this link to see The Trouble with Trees illustration.