Bob’s Diary: The reason why…

The reason why I want to be a bird is simple:

Look at these images and draw your own conclusion, please.

bird in bath male







washing bob









I'm wet, humiliated, broke,  how did this happen?

I’m wet, humiliated, broke,
how did this happen?









Baths make me feel like a hedgehog on stilts.


Bob’s Diary: Three Wishes.

copy-bob-for-heading.jpgIf I were granted three wishes I would have to ask for:


1.  I would have a food/treat dispensing machine installed in my kennel.

2.   I could sleep through anything, i.e. Ellie throwing her balls on my body as I sleep, Maria shouting time for a walk, (every day, it’s a bit much you will have to agree.)

3.  I would have my own personal groomers. I love having my back scratched, behind my ears, under my chin and on my belly.

I would also plead for a fourth wish, to stop Maria dressing me up for photo’s. (And she didn’t even put me on the cover of her book!)

Remembering these makes me think maybe it is best not to ask to be on her next cover.

ballsbobs discoveryhelp pleasedetective bob 1wear a silly hat

Maria’s Stuff: Sunday without dogs

I had a day out with a difference on Saturday, it took a lot of persuasion to get Bob smiling again because I left him at home. Thank you to Meath River Rescue for letting me tag along.


To make it up to him I brought him to the wood searching for an Ogre to chase.

ipp ipp ipp

As you can see it took a long time, with many stop offs along the way.