Happy St. Patricks Day from Irish (In Hiding) Bob

I decided I was not to be humiliated like last yeaippr so I am in hiding.

But you know who decided to “Find” me!

I thought it was a neat place, you couldn’t see me, could you?


Then she showed Maria where  I was


and the game was over,



but luckily it was dinner time so at least the humiliation was short and sweet.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

help please

Bob’s Diary: St. Patrick’s Day

Yi ay it’s 17th March, parades, bacon, for breakfast what more could you ask for?

yyii aah

Balloons, Beer, fun… oh oh…

she is doing it again

Why do I always fall for: there is a dog biscuit in it for you?

ellie no way

Ellie never does, but then she is more into balls and running…

burke bob

What I need now is a Lepreachaun or an Ogre

New home

I feel such a twat… an Irish twat.. I think I’ll move home.. anyone looking for a cute cuddly no exercise type of dog?? Apply here please.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.