Bob’s Diary: The hunt goes on…

Maria taught us to never quit..

So we went back into the wood for another look for those elusive cakes and the ogre who is hiding them.



Somebody thought we weren’t going fast enough, so she insisted on chasing me in..



We didn’t find him but we found sentries heralding Spring…



And I do like a bit of glitter in the woodland.. my favorite: Snowdrops, can you see them?


A Promising Encounter


Heavy feet trudging through a meadow

distracted by winters shadow

By a gate I met a lone white capped sentry

Who neither gave nor denied entry

I supposed this fragile snowdrop

To be a lost member of a troop


Down by the water I was accosted by others

Smiling I accepted they were his brothers

Abandoned here by changing tide

Their delicate fragrant beauty too much to hide

Spread by the racing winds blow

To become an oblivious carpet of snow


My wonder grew as I crept past

For their present beauty was not to last

Some peeped out at me amongst the moss

I  wondered who was their boss

To carefully, tenderly tuck and sow

In such a way to ensure they would grow


Turning my head I questioned my thoughts

Others were stationed to taunt natures wrought

Daring and brave, they crept

From hedge to water, they slept

Guarding their promise outlying wardens stand in a ring

As silently each snowdrop heralds spring