Unpredictable Irish Days

Summer has arrived and with it a sense of delight as the garden responds in a rainbow of colours.


The hot days mean my best buddy Bob potters rather than walks about

ippand is quick to retreat to his or in this case her kennel at the mention of food or ice-cream.


My other canine buddy has learnt that the water is not always cold which means her swimming in the river sessions are more silent. (Ellie tends to grumble as she swims).



Bob’s Diary: Fun on the river

Ellie had fun on the river and I thought you might like to see the photographs.

Remember the boat?

ipp It is still afloat.

But it is used for a variety of things, mainly

Hisilicon K3



though it is used as a ball catcher by you-know-who. But it does pose a few challenges to her.


Though the result is always the same – She wants more.


Maria’s Diary: Pictures of a helper who needed rescuing.

Ellie loves to work as everyone knows and Bob, well Bob is Bob and he loves to sit.

But Ellie’s last training session brought many tears, of laughter as our exercise almost ended with a helper floundering about in the water. When Ellie found him he was adrift in the river without a paddle on a sinking boat.  He was rescued. And as you can see the boat survived as did Ellie’s pal, Fred.