Maria’s Diary: Voting Day and Back Pain

No the two are not related.

The thought of voting is a bit of a pain but that didn’t cause the lower pain in my back.

The pain occurred when I bent down to pick something up and twack! There you go, one dog with a sore paw and one owner who is basically knackered. Needless to say Ellie is not in good form (lying around for a collie is like exercise to Bob) and I am not a good patient. I can give the advice but I don’t take it or follow it.

And there is loads of advice. The one I got but didn’t appreciate was from an older friend who suffers with his back big time. “Oh you may get it x rayed but I’d say meself you are knackered, just lie down and die.”

That line went in one ear, got translated as never ask Mr. C for advice again, and straight out the other ear into the bin.

The tips for back pain are (and bear in mind this is all Irish advice) :

1. Put ice on it.

2. Put heat on it.

3. Lie down.

4. Sit down.

5. Keep moving around every 30 minutes or so.

6. Walk but don’t tackle slopes hills or steps! (Cute this is Ireland no matter where you go there is a slope, a hill or a step.)

7. Seemingly I’m not to exercise it.

8. Take pain killers but not too many (?)

9. Find some poteen (best description is probably illegal Irish home made vodka which is as easy to get as  Leprechaun’s gold) and mix with olive oil, rub it in and don’t drink it.(Heck if I’ve managed to find it you can be sure I will taste it!)

I think I’ll go with a mix and match version of some of the above depending on the weather and my humour.

Regarding the local election, everyone I ‘ve talked to has a similar opinion to mine. It doesn’t matter who we elect. They start with great intentions but once they get inducted to the system their intentions (along with logic and common sense) get dry cleaned, pressed and starched somehow turning into the local Councils’ 200 year old policy.

But I have to agree I will need to vote, so anyone got any suggestions?