I Should Know Better

You would think I would know better, this is a sentence I repeat over and over. For instance newly married we stupidly believed if we work hard, save a few euro and life will run smoothly. Rubbish. The government simply creates new fiendish taxes and we are caught in a  loop. 

Life is what you make of it – true. But if you keep your life simple and try to help others, everyone thinks you are amazing until you have that one mili second of a slip up and you are the worlds worst ejit.

If it throws lemons – make lemonade. – Difficult but possible. Then the stupid government discovers you made lemonade and they tax it.

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. – No, they simply look at you and wonder why is that idiot is smiling? Is she laughing at me? Either way you, the smiler are in big trouble – Run.

All in all it leads to the same thing – I should know better. In fact I should do what Bob does, nothing  and live in the moment. In other words dream!

Why rush? We all get there in the end. Besides I have a cute face!

Maria’s Stuff: Reality Check – One year on and still missing her.

The 30th of May was an awkward weird day. I woke remembering but trying hard not to visualise my last few minutes with my mum.

After watching her cope with being paralyzed on her left side, and her ensuing struggle to live on a daily basis I have learnt to recognize, and admire the courage of the elderly and anyone who is ill.

On a stranger note I get angered by the daily flippant changes in our Irish healthcare system which are  devoid of commonsense, logic and business sense.

I do have many regrets involving her last year. The main one being my constant questions (in my own mind) about how we failed in our lack of care. We did everything we could at the time, don’t get me wrong but looking back I see the faults, the areas where I should have demanded more on her behalf.

The reality of a situation like that is though you may be doing the best you can for them, I felt, in this case,nothing I did was good enough. I am left wondering and questioning if I could have done better, more..

For now, I focus on remembering the times we laughed, moaned or groaned to each other .

I have also learnt that a life no matter how long or short it is, is often remembered by moments. These snapshots bring back memories of vivid happiness, fun, grief, nothing escapes but they are all moments to be treasured.

For the first time in my life I appreciate and understand her unspoken philosophy of being involved, doing something no matter how trivial or menial. The size of the gesture or involvement doesn’t matter. It is the act of living, being part of life. And all I can add is for such a small woman she managed to do a whole lot of living.

Bob’s Diary

Rain, rain and more rain….

I don’t get it, I’m captain, but..

ellie on boat

 Ellie  – won’t let me on the boat!


Maria felt sorry for me –


and I got second prize…




I would have preferred a bag of jelly babies.

Cinderella Sisters – Going digital

pic559418_th                                                 20th April 2013

Dear Dot,

Ten years , to the day, since you abandoned me. How have I survived?

I will not enquire about you-know-who .  Huh, why did we ever marry them?

We should have had the gumdrops to go gadding about the world.  We’d be married to a couple of millionaires, instead of our grumpy old codgers!

Could I trade him in for a decent handbag, what do you think?

Anyway the point of this monologue is:  I am  – going digital! Please write back with your email address!
Also , close your mouth before all the flies zoom in and give you all sorts of peculiar diseases, like poor Mrs. Henry next door!
Being digital will be a great blessing. It means I won’t have to do the dreaded gauntlet run into the village to get a stamp or post a letter.
How nosy are people these days? Last week,  Mr. Dunne suggested it was time I invested in a new boulder holder, (his exact words), I told him he would be better off if he solved his own problems first, like his spouse’s rambling problem.
He’s still staring at me for that one. I wonder how long it will take him to find out about his missus?

Lots of love,

Bob’s Diary. It’s not my fault…

It’s not my fault. I thought we were going to look for a cat.

“Something small and cuddly to keep you company” I was told.

She acted like a cat. Take a look at these pictures.

ellie or cat Ellie on bench










Now look what has happened:

She became cute,

cute ellie The leader

And bossy!

Bobs Eye View


Every ship needs a captain,

Every ship needs a captain,


Time I stepped in, to steer this ship,
weather miserable, she’s got me on a diet,
but there are ways and means to win a jelly baby or three –
I mean take a look at this face!