Bob on exercise

We took the (home made) agility gear out and Ellie did her usual, raced over jumps, through the tunnel and kept on going for a few laps until she had taken the tunnel apart.

the best way to use buckets.

We spent quite a bit of time trying to persuade the Bob to have a go. There was no treats in my pocket so the best he could manage was – a roll over!



How do we know the weather is changing?

The answer in this house is simple. Take a look at these pictures,


Bob hunkers down for a boring day of watching me clean the house,



Ellie, gathers every sock she can find, and then hides them creating her own version of: “Go Find”


Even the  sunflowers start to turn away, as though attempting to hide from the impending rain. (Also note, gate painting had to stop, though the painter was not sorry about this change of plans).

Bob’s Diary: Perfect Irish Day for the beach

Well it would have been if the water was nearer.









I had to walk for miles.








At the end of it, I was hoping for an Ice cream.


Ellie didn’t help, by looking so happy.

But I will continue to hope for that giant muffin or giant ice cream cone.

Just one can’t hurt, can it?