Bob’s Diary: My purpose in life


You have to admit she is sneaky that Ellie hogs all the limelight.


My main purpose is to deliver comfort and hugs. And who isn’t up for that?


Besides I think I would look good in rescue gear, wouldn’t I?


Irish Spring is a hit and miss affair, a bit like Irish Politics.

Days are stretching – indicating Spring is here even if the weather is contradicting this.

Bob does enjoy a good roll in the frosty grass.

Or a snooze in the sun while windows are cleaned.

While on a morning walk we noticed that weddings are happening.

Best of all, the woods are full of fun stuff to do,

just as well really as it has taken two days to post this to the site.

If you have any internet speed tips for this blogger, please apply below. All suggestions will save more jelly babies from being munched on.

How I missed out on my ultimate job but somehow it found me.


My Ultimate Job

I have always loved dogs. But I haven’t always embraced life due to shyness, meeting insensitive arrogant people and so on, (you know how it goes) so I spent the first half of my life hiding away from people. Past experience taught me that not everyone was like my kindhearted father.

However, lady luck did smile on me in numerous ways, I married my soul mate and had two wonderful children and started writing. Though I hated my paid job, which was stressful and often felt like it should have been sent by worm hole back to the 1800’s, I soldiered on simply to make a living.

Then it happened, I met Bob

bob2                              bob for heading


This fluffy wolf who was either going home with us or to a dog pound. How could we not take him? He came with us and captured everyone’s hearts. Through him I made a discovery.

I should have been working with dogs.

This heartfelt belief stayed with me, as I volunteered to work in a friends kennels. Then we made another decision, Bob missed us while we were working and he required a friend, with four legs and a waggy tail. The rest is history. We traveled to the North west of Ireland, Bob interviewed 20 dogs and came home with the pup who stole his and our hearts.


50-79Ellie pupThis pup again transformed my life. She was relentless always finding things from tennis balls

ellies final word


displaying a vivid creative energy. We knew we had to find her a job, before she drove Bob, and us, nuts.

Her job – finding people or recovering them has led us into many new adventures.ipp


Hisilicon K3

And through her training I have discovered I was right – I should have been working with animals. But I do so now, by volunteering at a kennels, dog walking and dog training and all thanks to these four legged friends, especially Bob and Ellie



I often feel like  this:

Maria young

I am a six year old, again.


Bob’s Diary: Regarding Shopping Lists.

Today’s Top Tip.

 We can all be creative.

Don’t be like Maria. She spends hours writing a shopping list. Then goes off shopping without it.

Top tip if you write a list take it with you.

(that way I might get a decent Christmas pressie.)

Two Days Sixteen hours and thirty three seconds

Photo by Michelle Weber.

I don’t get it , if grown ups can feel sad, why can’t we? Anyway, I don’t really feel sad, I just want this day to be over. My birthday is two days, sixteen hours and thirty three seconds – There is no point being smart if you can’t use it, and I do.

I know I drive my mum nuts but….. Amy sat and turned her back on Tigger, he was her favourite character and her best friend. It was her secret. If anyone else knew she had an invisible famous best friend she knew she would be laughed at and that wasn’t going to happen today when it was two days, fifteen hours, fifty minutes and fifty five seconds till BD.

She couldn’t wait until she was six years old. Then she would be allowed to do much more important and better stuff. She wanted to learn how to use an iPad, or a phone but everyone said five was too young. When she asked her bigger brother Josh how old she would have to be before that magic day arrived, he winked and whispered, “You will have to wait and see.”

At this moment in time with two days fifteen hours forty eight minutes and two seconds, she decided it was time to take a deep breath, suck it in and hope no one would remind her that her BD was happening. “Perhaps if I keep distracting them with silly questions then they will forget. I don’t want Josh to tease me again.” Amy said to the very stiff fat looking Winnie the Pooh.

She giggled and said, “You are just like Uncle George – you should go on a diet.”

For a while she sat there on the cool steel round-a-bout watching the other kids walk home with their mums. She wished her mum would hurry, but today was her day for volunteering in the kitchen. With any luck that would mean left over cookies for Amy and Josh.

She sat, with her feet dangling towards the ground flicking them backwards and forwards and trying not to think of anything at all. It was hard. Too hard, Amy decided.

She focused on solving the problem of Emma who had threatened to cut off Amy’s pig tails if she didn’t share her lunch with Emma tomorrow. Amy wondered what Josh would do, she would ask him.

Last time Josh had said, “you get in there first,” that was when Andre threatened to eat her icecream. Amy had swiped his and run away to eat it. She smiled at the memory it had been worth the tummy ache.

Cutting Emma’s pig tails was a scary thought but if it stopped Emma then it would be worth the punishment. She hoped.

“Hi Amy are you ready to leave?” Mum’s hand was warm after spending time washing dishes and pans.

Amy nodded and jumped off her round about seat.

“What were you thinking about?”

“Tigger and …. making some cards with my play sissors. ” She looked at her mum, “and trying not to  think what will happen in two days fifteen hours and….”

Mum smiled, “I have no idea, but it will be interesting to see. But remember you have to be on your best behaviour.”

Amy’s smile faded, ah no she thought. This will make the next two days even worse and I’ll have to keep out of Emma’s way.  Crossing her fingers of her free hand Amy smiled and said, “I’ll do my best.”


Maria’s stuff – Manners and Questions

I was clearing around Mum’s grave yesterday evening. I don’t tend to stand and pray but yesterday I felt compelled to say ‘thank you.’ I had three decisions to make in the past few weeks and was, as usual, dithering.

In the end I made the decisions in a hurry and two have worked out for the best, but it was due to a conversation I had with  her in the previous week. I know it sounds as though I have lost the plot, visiting a grave and having a one sided conversation doesn’t sound like a sane choice, but…

It worked for me.

So to make a long story short, I was thanking her yesterday when it dawned on me that those are two words that are vanishing from our lives.

We never think of the trouble people go to on our behalf and say “thank you” to them.

My husband made a comment a while back, that he doesn’t like opening doors for younger women. The reason being they either think he is up to some evil trick, or they think it is demeaning to them, inferring they need a door to be opened. His question of – “Haven’t we gone too far?” – got me wondering again,

In the past I volunteered with delight for various groups that were looking for help but today if you volunteer you are required to go through a garda vetting (which is only right) but also you have to do a number of courses to allow you to volunteer.  So here I am looking at unemployment once again and being left with a choice: I can retrain at 54 or volunteer.

The question is which role am I more capable of filling? I know that the second choice is probably the way to go but … with a string of courses already to my name I am now discovering that some wise man or woman has moved the goal posts and I will have to redo most of the courses, ( possibly trek over and back to England if I wish to volunteer with Ellie  my collie cross ) if I wish to return to the role of volunteer.

Bewildering isn’t it?

My question for today is,

Do you think that helping others has become too complicated?

Cinderella Sisters – Going digital

pic559418_th                                                 20th April 2013

Dear Dot,

Ten years , to the day, since you abandoned me. How have I survived?

I will not enquire about you-know-who .  Huh, why did we ever marry them?

We should have had the gumdrops to go gadding about the world.  We’d be married to a couple of millionaires, instead of our grumpy old codgers!

Could I trade him in for a decent handbag, what do you think?

Anyway the point of this monologue is:  I am  – going digital! Please write back with your email address!
Also , close your mouth before all the flies zoom in and give you all sorts of peculiar diseases, like poor Mrs. Henry next door!
Being digital will be a great blessing. It means I won’t have to do the dreaded gauntlet run into the village to get a stamp or post a letter.
How nosy are people these days? Last week,  Mr. Dunne suggested it was time I invested in a new boulder holder, (his exact words), I told him he would be better off if he solved his own problems first, like his spouse’s rambling problem.
He’s still staring at me for that one. I wonder how long it will take him to find out about his missus?

Lots of love,