Bob’s Diary: Why me?


The trouble with being such a sociable charismatic dog is simple, Maria keeps putting me in stories. Here is a short one. ( I’ve met Molly. She is cute and she feeds me jelly babies.)

Children’s Story: 500 words.


Chasing the snow dragon.


Snowflakes twirled and danced about Molly. ” I love snow,” she said.

“Woof” Bob said jumping around her.

Molly whispered, “Quiet Bob. A  Snow Dragon might hear us and run away.”

The dog nudged her hand with his nose. He tickled Molly, making her giggle.

They began their search in the garden.

No Snow Dragon.

They walked through the gate, looking right and left. Molly walked past Gran’s kitchen door. They looked in the garden shed, even behind the coal bags but didn’t find a Snow Dragon. They did meet many birds and Gran’s fat cat.

They walked to the front garden. They met the postman. “Hi Molly. Where are you going?” he asked.

“We are going to catch a Snow Dragon.” She whispered.

“Well – don’t let him catch you.” He said.

“No. We won’t.” Molly told him.

Bob looked behind every tree.  Molly looked at the bare branches.

No Snow Dragon.

“Not even a squirrel, Bob.” She said.

Molly looked behind them. The snow was falling onto the ground covering her footprints. She couldn’t see her house. “Let’s go home,” She said.

Molly made a snow ball. She threw it. “Go get it Bob,” She said.

He sat and watched it land.  Molly sighed. Bob never chased tennis balls.

“Lets make a snowman instead.” She began by making a small ball and then dropped it on the ground. As she rolled it along the ground the snowball changed from being a round ball into a wobbly, wonky shape. It was big and getting bigger.

Bob helped by staying out of Molly’s way. She pushed her snowman into the garden saying, “I’ll finish you after tea.”

It was warm inside. Molly felt tired. She forgot about her snowball but told dad about her search for a Snow Dragon.

“I think there are no Snow Dragons,” she said. Molly felt sad.

“Maybe they are shy, creatures. Perhaps you should send an email to one and see what happens.”

“What would I say?” She liked this idea.

“That you believe in them but you would love to know what they look like. Wait then and see what happens. Granddad always said, they were magical creatures.”

Molly wiggled her nose as she thought about this. “Let’s do it, can you help please?”

The email was sent and Molly went to bed.

Next morning she got up and peeped out the window.

Her heart jumped for there in the garden was a large dragon. He was white and very still. Molly raced outside to see him. “Its a Snow Dragon.” She said to her dad who came to look at it.

“But Dad, how did he get here?”

“Molly you did say you would love to know what they look like, didn’t you?”

Molly nodded her head. “I did. Now I know they are amazing.And he chased my snowman away. ”

Dad took a picture of the snow dragon.

It hangs on Molly’s bedroom wall in case she forgets what they look like.


Bob’s Diary: Who needs a time travelling machine, check this out.

Ellie’s comment on the Ferrari got me thinking.

She is correct (don’t tell her I said that) we need proper transport.

bob in car 1


So….Opinions please…. what do you think of this? My hunt an Ogre car….

bob in car 2


Only problem is, I’m not letting her in, she is always mucky. (Maybe she will fit in the boot).

Children’s Story: Milly Plants Ideas

Milly loves to help in the garden. “Squish, squash,” Milly sang jumping up and down on the seeds she planted. She wore her favorite bright green boots with pink butterflies painted on them.
Granddad said, “be kind to them Milly.”
“I am. See, first I dig a hole, then I cover them up with a blanket of soil. Then I make sure they are in good and safe.”
Granddad said, “Jumping on them and shouting isn’t being gentle. If you are gentle surprising things can happen,” Granddad said. “Try it and see.”
Milly liked surprises. She decided to try it on her pets. She sat on the grass whispering to Bob, (her dog) Brandy (Granddad’s lazy cat) and a fat blackbird who sat on the fence.
Milly said, “Brandy you are to catch the biggest mouse in the whole world.” He looked at her then went back to washing his paws.
“Mr. Blackbird, you will sing the best song ever.” The blackbird flew away.
“Bob you will learn to smile.” Milly said.

Granddad asked her what she was going to do. Her answer made him smile.
” I will plant ideas in the garden to grow.”
Granddad looked at his garden. It was very neat, “but perhaps not in the vegetable beds.”
Milly went into the house to find ideas to plant.
She found a cupcake recipe. She folded it over and sprinkled it with sugar. She picked the sunniest spot in the garden. She dug a large hole. Milly pressed the paper into the earth. On top of the paper she placed a red cherry. “I love cherries.”
In the house she found a hat that belonged to her granny. “I love hats but you need a scarf,” she murmured carrying it outside. With a soft ‘plonk’ it went into the ground.
After their lunch of tomato soup and fruitcake Milly went to help Granddad with his digging.
When they finished she was tired.

Milly sat on an old bucket and asked the blackbird. “Did you learn a sweet song?”
His answer was a sweet song.

Granddad said, “I told you, being kind and gentle works.”

She went in search of Brandy. She discovered he had found and eaten her two chocolate mice. “Don’t be sick,” she warned him going in search of Bob. She searched the whole house for him but could not find him.
“Milly, come and look at this.” Granddad shouted.
Down in Milly’s special flower bed she discovered a smiling Bob wearing a straw hat with a red scarf tied dangling from the brim. Bob was eating a large cherry cupcake. Granddad was sitting beside him on the grass minding four cupcakes.

“Great work Milly. Try the hat on.”
She did. “You were right Granddad. Surprising things happen when you are gentle and kind.”
They sat wearing big smiles as they ate cherry cupcakes in the evening sun.

 Bob’s Comment – 100th Post should have been about little young me!

So we compromised – Here I am: Spring is here but Summer is coming



Bob’s Diary: How we met: Bob and Ellie (as told by Maria)

Bob arrived into our lives like a hurricane. Brought about as a result of events. Before he came our house had endured many pets, cats, rabbits, a roaming escapee hamster, and more cats. But I was always a dog person. He was a boisterous two year old living with an eighty three year old woman, so when asked if we could take him – how could I refuse?

Both of our children loved him on first sight, I did too, but with a lot of doubts, he was big and bold. He came home in the back of the car, the boot was full of shopping. In the following weeks he proceeded to work his magic on those around him. He won even the grouchiest of neighbours over,with his soppy smile and wagging tail. Back then he was playful, he would eat everything in his path, even the cables to the electric gates were sampled. 

Barking was only done when he got excited, which we learnt wasn’t often. Bigger dogs were an issue as he despised them, the smaller ones he adored. But we decided he was lonely, as I was working a full day and it seemed unfair to leave him home alone.  Buying a pup was an option but we held out and time as usual sorted the problem. Before I was made redundant my husband and kids decided a husky dog would be a great present for me. But how and where to find one? Buckets of questions were asked of all the dogs rescue homes and one in particular refused us because we insisted the dog would have to live outdoors. Bob did and he loved it, so the pup or new dog would have to do the same.

Our searching led us to Sligo. We loaded Bob in the boot of the estate car and we set off for the long drive. Pat and I were excited. However,  our passenger seemed to have a worry of his own. Bob’s eyes never left the road for the entire journey.  We agreed it was a fear in him of being abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

But looking back on it now I believe he was worried about what lay ahead.

Beautiful blue skies and a wailing wind that would knock the skin off your face was the greeting we got in Sligo. 

Bridget opened her gates with a smile and a big welcome, then showed off the dogs one by one.

Bob stood in the middle of the large field. Huskies of all shapes, sizes and ages came to say hello. He ignored each dog, though a few growled and snarled at him.

We were interested in two until we discovered they had a problem with men. Our hearts plummeted. Looked like we were going home as three and not four.

 We pressed Bridget for information about any other dogs she might have or know of,  “there is one, but it is not a grown dog and she is crazy.” She warned us.

We asked to see the young dog. She left and we sat on an upturned trunk of a fallen tree  afraid to speak. The gate opened and a black and white streak flew past us.

She bounced over Bob as nimble as a lamb would, ran under his legs and repeated the circle once more. The atmosphere changed in a few seconds.  Both dogs raced about the field and we smiled,  we had found our dog.

Back home now, three years later and I bet he regrets it every so often and longs for the peace and quiet of days long past.  

He does get his moments of peace when a neighbour who adores him dognaps him to accompany her on her walk or when Ellie is taken away  for Search training. 

All in all I think the pictures I show speak for themselves. 



Tricks, new and old.

Joe stood staring out at the sea. He was an upright weather beaten man in his late seventies. The large shaggy dog sat at his side.

Joe’s sadness stretched out and down into the depths of the sea, his school friend Larry had died two days ago. It was a fine funeral.

Joe wished he knew if there was something after this life. He would discover the truth sooner rather than later. He grinned remembering long hours spent debating the what if’s of the whole matter, while perched on their regular high stools. We enjoyed the debate, even if we never came to a concrete decision. He shook his head, now they would never debate anything again.

A bird flew low heading inland to it’s nest.

“We should do the same Rigsby”, he said, “but it won’t matter much if we take a bit more time. It’s nice out here.”

His eyes met the dog’s solemn stare, “raw and wild, the way life should be, not confined by rules we are afraid to step beyond.”

Joe chuckled remembering the way he could never colour within the given lines as a child. A talent he carried with him throughout his teenage years and into adulthood.

“Hard to teach an old dog new tricks,” he said as the dog nuzzled his hand. “But I’ve been told I have to conform, behave rather than indulge in whims, or wild and fanciful moments.”  He had spent the last six months behaving in a manner befitting his age while he stayed by Larry’s side.

“Boring, awful depressing stuff,” he muttered.  “But today we escaped our minders,”

Laura had been fussing about him going to a funeral, standing about in the cold. “You might catch something, Dad,” she scolded.

“Wouldn’t that be something! Imagine catching anything at my age,” he replied. He felt guilty at having given her the slip, she would worry and he’d hear all about it when she caught up with him.

He reckoned they had a good hour yet. ‘What would you do Larry if you were here with me?” He grinned as the sun switched its power on him.

He could hear his friend say, “Why Joe, I’d dive in, go for a swim, enjoy meself isn’t that what truly matters? Live for the moment.”

‘What the hell, you are right Larry. Let’s celebrate the fact that I am here,’ he chuckled as he pulled off his shoes and socks. “Come on Rigsby, let’s live!”

When the gentle ‘woof’ of approval was given together man and dog went for a paddle.

Flash Fiction, What or who do you carry in your car?

I’m driving and my four miss daisy’s are driving me loopy, not crazy, loopy.  This is one step beyond crazy. The reason is they are arguing. Mum is the main instigator of every argument. The fact is they are spirits,  all should be quite happy in the next world but this is our family. Most of us do two things really well, arguing and being contrary.

For many years I was aware of Gran perched on the back shelf of my car, she liked sitting there. Spending her time between knitting and watching the world go by.

Once my mum joined the team all peace ended, everyone had to sit in back. She only landed and she caused a row because my maternal Grandmother Nan’s,  prefers sitting up front beside me. I like that too given her wacky sense of humor, but she is needed to act as chief peacemaker between the other three.  Therefore she has to sit in the middle in the back between Mum, Gran, and Nan’s sister, Byna.

Why Byna landed in my car, no one has the faintest notion but there you go, welcome to my crazy life.

Today’s topic of debate is: angels or butterflies?

Mum insists she would prefer to be an angel because there is more chance of being able to voice an opinion. Gran says, ‘bother, dropped a stitch.”

“You can’t be an angel because you love to fight. You would have the world engaged in another war before you could blink.” Nan’s folds her arms and stares at Mum.

“Well I can’t be a butterfly because I don’t like flying, I get sick.”

Byna sticks her nose in, “you only do that to get attention. Well I’d be a butterfly, they are sweet, like me.” She stares at the others defying them to deny this. They ignore her.

I look in the mirror and try to distract them. “I think they are all sweet and by nature, butterflies and angels do fly and don’t argue so there you go. It doesn’t matter which you are really does it?!

At this point they all round on me demanding, “who the hell asked you?”

And you wonder why there is no permanent man in my life? I could give you four hundred reasons, but the four I’ve mentioned should be enough for you to get the picture.

Bob’s Diary.

A Bob’s worst nightmare has begun.

The preparation for Halloween.


I mean what does she think I am? A doll? A pumpkin?  And I believe this is only the beginning….



I think it’s time to move out or get Kevin to step in…


Bob’s Bouncing Birthday Bundle.

Bob arrived like a hurricane,

big and bold he ate sampling everything,

brown electric gates included,

barked at bigger dogs, adored little dogs,

Birthday time arrived for me

Bob travelled with us to Sligo to choose a

black and white

bundle of mayhem – Ellie

Best buddies for life?


Posted as part of the Daily Prompt Challenge: at this link

Horace has a hard day.

Only five hundred and fifty five more sacks of nectar to collect and I’m winner of the collector of the week, Horace thought as he paused for a break.

It was hot. Humid and hot, not two of his favorite words but work was work and families had mouths and they needed to be fed.

He paused and with a neat flick his straw-like tongue zipped outwards and got …nada… zilch…nothing.

Again, it can’t be happening again. Oh gosh, that’s the third time today. I’m overworked, I’m finished I won’t make the top of the pollen charts today or tomorrow. I must be ill. As he ranted and raved, he paused,  the other insects around him were mostly bees or the odd horsefly, but he could have sworn he heard a giggle. He looked around no one appeared to be watching him.

“Oh god, its worse than I thought, I’m going cuckoo, mad, batty.” He shuddered – he hated bats.

Horace considered his options. To return home now would be to admit total and utter defeat.  “I’m not a quitter, ” he muttered. “I’ll move on to the next plant and try once more.”

As he took off, he noticed that taking off was becoming harder and harder. I feel as though I am gaining weight. Must go back to  Moving and Meditating Classes, they did me good the last time.

He landed with a thump and gave himself a minute. He closed his eyes and pictured a calm scene. Night time and his bed.

Meanwhile Lolita ladybug had unattached herself from him and was busy collecting nectar. She hummed as she worked. Moths were famous for being less than clever but today she had hit the jackpot. So far she had robbed him of six sacks of nectar and if she played her cards right he would even give her a ride back home.

The air fizzled. She looked up and noticed he had one eye open. Humming stopped and she became one with the stem of the plant. Hoping was all she had now unless he was exceptionally stupid….

Flash fiction piece inspired by this photo on Dragonfly Photography’s blog page.

Bob’s Diary

I have a story to tell:

bob in dark

It involves our crazy collie and Kevin. I told her not to trust him. She left him minding her stuff, went off to  play.  She said she would only be a minute.

el playing 3

ellie playing 1ellie playing 4

A few hours later she reappeared looking like this:

Ellie looking at camera

Seems Kevin did a runner with her stuff. I said, “you’re a search dog go do your stuff!”

ellie at tunnel 1

She did but it took some time and negotiating, to achieve

kevin found

a happy ending.