Bob’s Diary: New Year Resolutions.

Breeze (Ogre friend of Bobs)

I will eat no, fairy cakes.

I will eat  fewer ,,

I will eat fairy cakes with care.

for an image of Breeze follow the link:

Bob’s Resolution

I will exercise with a smile on my face and eat with a bigger smile on my face.

ellie and bob 053

Ellie’s Resolution:

To keep working at finding people who are lost.

Ellie looking at camera

Maria’s Resolution:

To write more, worry less.


To learn how to breath fire and not water.

kevin 1


Bob’s Diary: Happy Christmas &Thank you for following us.

Me and Snowman are on strike, because the turkey isn’t cooked, yet.

sad snowman and bob 030

But, there is always tomorrow…..

ellie and bob 029

I’ll smile then.

Bob and Maria wish all of our followers, a very Happy Christmas.

Thank you for taking the time to keep track of our lives and imagination, which isn’t easy for you.

(I forgot Ellie says happy Christmas too. She is wishing for a bucket of tennis balls. I hope she gets them……., more turkey for little old me.)

ellie and bob 031