Bob’s Diary: Party Sorted

Thanks Denise Esther and Jennifer for your suggestions,  I think the problem is sorted. See  Maria’s account below:

The Party Invitation Problem:

Breeze was  so excited, he  was jumping up and down. On the fourth jump he was frightened by a loud voice shouting. “Stop!  Breeze stop jumping now.”

He paused mid jump by clinging to the trunk of the tree closest to him.

He scowled. It was his best friend, Tulip, who happened to be a fiesty fairy.

Tulip pointed her finger at him . He landed on the ground with a loud whup!

Breeze said, “You are scary for a fairy.” He giggled at the rhyme.

“Huh, we sent our invitations a month ago for our Fairy Tea Party, what did I get today?”

Breeze puffed out his chest. “An invitation to the Ogres Afternoon Tea Party. It’s on the 12th.”

“I know. It can’t be. We are having our party on the 12th.”

Breeze scratched his chin. “Two parties, well…”

“Exactly we won’t have a full table, neither will you.” Her loud voice drew a crowd of onlookers because Fairies never lost their temper.

“Well then there is only one thing to do..” Breeze said.

“Cancel the Ogres party.”

Breeze shook his head. “No.”

“YOU will!” She roared, frightening the wind. It stopped, changed direction and raced away.

“No need, we will have one giant party.”  Breeze said.

Before Tulip could say anything. The crowd cheered.

Breeze smiled. “There you go problem solved. I need to go. I must tell the others to make some fairy cream pies.”


I’m going to sneak in and watch the fun, I will post the report after the event.

Thank you,  Bob