Flash Fiction, What or who do you carry in your car?

I’m driving and my four miss daisy’s are driving me loopy, not crazy, loopy.  This is one step beyond crazy. The reason is they are arguing. Mum is the main instigator of every argument. The fact is they are spirits,  all should be quite happy in the next world but this is our family. Most of us do two things really well, arguing and being contrary.

For many years I was aware of Gran perched on the back shelf of my car, she liked sitting there. Spending her time between knitting and watching the world go by.

Once my mum joined the team all peace ended, everyone had to sit in back. She only landed and she caused a row because my maternal Grandmother Nan’s,  prefers sitting up front beside me. I like that too given her wacky sense of humor, but she is needed to act as chief peacemaker between the other three.  Therefore she has to sit in the middle in the back between Mum, Gran, and Nan’s sister, Byna.

Why Byna landed in my car, no one has the faintest notion but there you go, welcome to my crazy life.

Today’s topic of debate is: angels or butterflies?

Mum insists she would prefer to be an angel because there is more chance of being able to voice an opinion. Gran says, ‘bother, dropped a stitch.”

“You can’t be an angel because you love to fight. You would have the world engaged in another war before you could blink.” Nan’s folds her arms and stares at Mum.

“Well I can’t be a butterfly because I don’t like flying, I get sick.”

Byna sticks her nose in, “you only do that to get attention. Well I’d be a butterfly, they are sweet, like me.” She stares at the others defying them to deny this. They ignore her.

I look in the mirror and try to distract them. “I think they are all sweet and by nature, butterflies and angels do fly and don’t argue so there you go. It doesn’t matter which you are really does it?!

At this point they all round on me demanding, “who the hell asked you?”

And you wonder why there is no permanent man in my life? I could give you four hundred reasons, but the four I’ve mentioned should be enough for you to get the picture.