Bob’s Diary: Now she is being ridiculous.



I know I am her Superhero dog (don’t mind Ellie) but she is overdoing it .

I feel like a right ….


ippBanana head in this.

I prefer my old image .

reeindeer 5What do you think?







Bob’s Diary. ..I am not a Reindeer!

After the Christmas Reindeer story, I thought I was safe for a few weeks. Life can be cruel can’t it?

I knew there was trouble brewing when Maria and Sara offered me jelly babies.

Bob 1 no ideaThey are up to something

 But I didn’t expect this…

 No sir, I got to talk to Sir Bob about this…

reindeer 3

I am not a reindeer….

reindeer 2

  I have the answer..

reeindeer 5

 I am a Superhero.