In a perfect Ireland the following would not be heard of:

1.   Politicians who break promises as frequently as they drink tea.

2.  Social inequality – to achieve perfect equality everyone receives the same wage for working. Including politicians (which would mean pensions are limited to one pension per person.)

3.   Minority groups who claim to be in the minority with such strength of feeling their needs are met to such an excessive level that their claims exceed the majority.

4.  Rural Ireland having no public transport.  Trains and buses would run strictly to timetable.

5.   A low number of hospitals in each county – every major town would have a hospital capable of dealing with its community.

6.  Every A & E room that looks like a Christmas sale event. With people fighting for beds or in some cases trolleys.

7.  Taxes being dispersed as randomly and thoughtlessly like bird food.

8.  Tribunals – which only serve to raise the blood pressure of the average income tax payer.

9.  A police force stretched thin.

10.  Children having more rights than parents.

Please note the above are all merely my opinion/feelings on what is happening around me and I would love to hear comments or additions to the above list. Now I am off to join my chilling dog who takes life the way we were meant to (in a perfect world) – by enjoying every moment.




The pot at the end of the rainbow.

I would like to apologize to all readers for my absence. I


and Ellie,

were working with a voluntary search group for the past two months and my posts have been erratic.

I began to question or wonder about the belief many people have that Ireland is like the pot at the end of the rainbow full of mystery and delights. I am discovering that the pot may be half full at the moment but for many they see it as half empty.

So to remind myself of the simple delights around me I took some photos.

In truth we forget to appreciate the simple things in life,  such as




and not forgetting, – Bob!