Bob’s diary: An Ode to my love…

O, love of my life

you brighten my day

energize my body,

bring my senses to life,

fill me with delight

I thank you, O dinner

you are daily enjoyed

with heartfelt appreciation.


bob in wood final



Curling thoughts.

 This is part of  the DP challenge: Collecting Detail:  Being a writer isn’t something you can shuck off, like a hat or a coat — being a writer is a quality that lives inside you — a part of your brain you simply can’t shut off, doing the work of the writer regardless of whether you’re out and about during your day or you’re in front of your typewriter, your screen, or your notebook.

 My 3 details: Dark winter sky, Taut cobweb ready to net its prey, strength, see through deceptiveness, smell of smoke rushing curling  towards the ground

An elderly woman huffing along the road, children racing by calling, shouting, each to each other she is unseen, unnoticed – in a different world.

Pushing jostling crowds in the shopping centre, people smiling calling to friends, loud greetings hugs, closeness, warmth that dispells the cold bright air.


 Curling thoughts.

Tracey slouched against the seat in the shopping center. The walkway filled with jostling Christmas fueled shoppers. A glimpse of the Spirograph, cobweb design in the shop window brought memories rushing back to her. Time slipped back, allowing Tracey to smell the crayons. She loved the feel of the smooth wax in her chubby fingers. The crayons scent mingling with the more overpowering turkey aroma. Home made decorations adorned the ceilings, paper lanterns swung in the draught of the open door. Firelight reflected off bright baubles making them appear to dance on the tree.  Uncles, and aunts poured into the room, wet boots and jackets abandoned. Tobacco and perfume curled about her, tying everyone in one neat parcel. Jovial voices rose and faded, as though they were a choir. The warm atmosphere in the room continued, making the light brighter, the room smaller, voices louder. Suddenly it faded as time spiraled, Tracey landed in the present with a thud. Remembering where she was, who she was, and that home was wherever she managed to scurry into at night, a doorway, a warm vent. Standing up she smiled, a toothless warm smile, I’m alive and lets enjoy being here, she thought as she moved to the next bench. Her smile was rewarded when a security guard pressed a warm cup of tea in her hand. “No sugar, I’m sorry.” He whispered.

Traceys eye’s twinkled at him, “don’t be sorry there is always hope for the next time.” Together they chuckled at her absurd joke before he quietly slipped back to his post.

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The Night Curtain.. Dean Koontz

The night sky hung like a perfectly ironed curtain. Stars twinkled from their allotted places. I envy them.  My words are laden with emotion, ‘I wish I were a star. But I’m not. I’m stuck here, confined.  Imagine what would be revealed if we could pull that curtain back.’

Despite everything I smile. I know I am a dreamer with a strange ability.. I simply dream, wish and sometimes I am taken there.

I could feel it happening, feeling drowsy and wishful. I repeated my wistful thought ‘imagine if I could pull back the thick curtain of night what is hidden beneath and beyond it?’

“Take me there,” I begged in a whisper. The world tumbled as I sank to the ground.

The night air felt colder, crisper. The intensity of the stars – blinding. In contrast the space beyond was dark and ominous. I stepped forward and pushed up my hand. To my surprise my hand was huge. Looking down I discovered I was huge, or had the universe shrunk?

Smiling to myself I flexed my fingers and whispered, ‘Right here we go, gentle and slow.’

With my right hand I gradually pulled back the curtain and took a deep breath. Not good, was my immediate thought this is not good. I was being watched by millions of eyes or were they stars?

The sky had not lightened. The eyes watched me swivelling in all directions. The creatures attached to the eyes swished about before me, like a pendulum in a clock, tick – tock. They were changing direction. And then I heard it. Clunk! It was a metallic sound. A definite metallic sound, is that good? I wondered. Ears straining eyes wondering where to look I stepped forward and felt something warm and woolly brush against me. It giggled.

“Who’s there? What are you doing? Where am I?” Too many questions poured from my mouth to be answered by silence. I was mystified. The eyes vanished. No, I corrected they melted into one bright torch. The light pounced on me. Such heat I thought.  It’s sunlight, I relaxed, wondering if the owners of the eyes would vanish into the daytime light or would they remain where they were willing to face me and explain.

A sudden sound. I pivoted left and right each time I did the sound moved. I stopped moving and again was met with silence.

Part of the Dail Post Challenge: Imitation/Flattery

Bob’s Bouncing Birthday Bundle.

Bob arrived like a hurricane,

big and bold he ate sampling everything,

brown electric gates included,

barked at bigger dogs, adored little dogs,

Birthday time arrived for me

Bob travelled with us to Sligo to choose a

black and white

bundle of mayhem – Ellie

Best buddies for life?


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