Maria’s : A week to forget – if I could.


I don’t know where to start, at the facts I suppose.

Fact one: My dad’s house was burgled, all of mum’s jewellery thrashed and the few gold pieces stolen.

Fact two: My niece has decided that she has nothing to gain by living at home with her mum and dad. So she refuses to make contact with them.

I knew I could do little about the jewellery but he needed company and reassurance.

I donned my sleuthing cap and went in search of my niece’s boyfriend.  After much words and persuasion, contact of a type has been made but she still refuses to see her parents.

All of this has led me to believe we spoil our kids and no good comes of it. Anyone willing to offer advice to me and I will gratefully accept it. As my once thick head of hair is  now dwindling fast.

I wish you all a far better week than the one I have experienced and look forward to next week.


Bob and Maria will wake to reply to your comment,

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