Positives in our lives.

It should be a rough day. In a way it is. Between Covid 19, being house bound and my Dad’s first anniversary, all in all there is a lot of downward pushing thoughts but… he was a positive man and would come back to haunt me if I was negative.

Here is my list of #positivevibes

  1. I have noticed the influx of birds into the garden, reminding me that Nature is fighting back and so will we.
  2. We (Matthews Family) are closer than ever.
  3. We remain healthy
  4. We are happy
  5. Our neighbours and friends and those in our community have taken the message to heart; stay at home to protect the vulnerable and those in your community.
  6. I am fitter, but sore all over, due to having two personal trainers (& crossfitters) living with us.
  7. I am sitting in a warm house surrounded by four dogs.
  8. Though we don’t get to see our granddaughter at this time, she gets to be with her mum and dad all day, everyday. And we can still talk to them via social media etc.
  9. Neighbors stopping, (a distance away) to talk and chat.#positivenews being exchanged.
  10. In the past week I have noticed families out walking or cycling, until now a rare event.

I really hope that everyone who reads this is looking to the positive small things about us as we all work our way through this. I wake every day knowing that with the passage of time we are getting closer to living a world without this threat.

I would love to hear all of the positive vibes you are feeling at the moment.

Illustration courtesy of Sara Ryan


9 thoughts on “Positives in our lives.

  1. Sharing some good energy and hope we all can continue to take the guidelines at heart and one day we’ll defeat the virus. Take care, everybody. And good you feel the support of your dad now Maria, he will be pleased you follow his guidelines.


  2. Social Media has helped in a big way. We are making video calls such that we can chat with both of our adult children simultaneously, which is wonderful. My brother who is not technologically inclined has learned to use WhatsApp, so we can communicate better now! He doesn’t use Facebook, so no Messenger for him. I am grateful for family.
    I am now able to continue with my old critique group in Phoenix. They’ve purchased a Zoom license. I missed the online cocktail party yesterday. LOL.
    We live in a beautiful area and I am grateful to be here where I can keep the windows open and breathe fresh air. Phoenix was doing me in. Mazatlan is a whole lot better.
    I’m also grateful for the many friends I’ve made via Social Media, including yourself! I love our community of writers.
    Stay safe. Air hugs to all.


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