Hello –

It is a strange world and that is a fact.

One question for everyone, have you noticed, when you escape the confines of your four walls for a walk, how eager those who pass (some 8 feet from) you are to say “Hello”? This time last year I purposly said, hello to everyone I passed on a mile walk around the village. I received two hello’s from the many groups of mothers and children who were on their way to the school.

Have you noticed any other positive indications that we might be learning how to interact in a new and better way?

And more importantly, how are you coping? Any hints or tips on how to stop watching a screen from sun up to sundown?

A new helper in the garden. Belle is visiting for a few months and loves company. Her idea of helping is..sitting.

7 thoughts on “Hello –

  1. Hi! We are now living in Mexico, a country where people tend to have very little personal space and most are happy to say hello while passing on the street. It is common to say buen provecho (enjoy your meal) when passing by a fellow customer in a restaurant who you may or may not know. So it has been a shock to see the changes that come with social distancing. Not so Mexican now.

    However, I am in contact with more writers, including an online critique group or two, and spend more time on Skype, WhattsApp, and Facebook Messenger than I was. So although we don’t get out much for our safety as well as that of others, I am still in contact. Just not physically. For now it is a different world.


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