An Extra Four Legs

It has been weeks since I have written anything. There are many reasons for this,  and the main one is that I lost my mojo as some would call it back when Dad and Bob passed away.

Time has stretched as days have been spent sorting through Dad’s many years of collecting books,  which he stored in a random fashion in his study or in an extra shed outside. The second reason is that we have, as you may know, given a lot of time to finding Ellie a companion.

Our visits to the pounds in the various counties resulted in nothing sparking an interest in her. We would gladly have taken quite a few of those dogs home but, she didn’t seem to show any sign of friendship to any of them.

Then one afternoon for some strange reason I called to our vets and spoke to them. This is where I learnt about Dugg /Doug (jury is out on how we spell it). He is three years old, a golden labrador who lived with a lot of other dogs but whose owner needed to find him a home. So we met him and Ellie didn’t shy from him or look annoyed when she met him.

We brought him home on trial. It was a trial. He appeared happy to be with us until each evening when the howling and barking began. It was like having a baby in the house. We were not sleeping and many a conversation ended with, “he is a sweet dog but his howling is driving me nuts.” In short, we gave him time, attention and he, in turn, tried our patience, but Ellie tolerated him and was no longer crying or looking sad. Sometimes she looked frustrated and tired, like us, but he didn’t have many issues beyond his night time love of howling.  He wasn’t overly fond of men but he is losing his distrust. Ellie and Doug are getting closer as you can see from the pictures. He is still a little too thin but as my kids say, “you will easily fix that mum!”

He loves babies, likes Brook and Belle two other four-legged occasional visitors and is a gentle sloppy idiot, who likes to eat fruit straight from the garden. It seems as though my pal Bob pushed me to the vets on that afternoon, so Doug is staying, what else could I do?




13 thoughts on “An Extra Four Legs

    • Yes. 3 weeks in he either realised why he was left alone with Ellie – to sleep or he was simply so tired he stopped. He had a strange existence, simply sitting in a yard with 8 others. But now he loves walks though he has not cottoned on to play! Thank you for reading, take care

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      • When we got Inga, our Elkhound, she’d been a stray and was 8 mos to a year old. She did well and opened up to us quite soon but never really played. I think she just never learned how! I’m glad he’s doing so well!


      • Thank you, but I am jealous of anyone who has an Elkhound Bob was an exceptional loyal friend, a lazy dog with too many good qualities. Someday I might be lucky to have another Elkhound in my life.

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  1. I’m happy you’ve found a new companion for Ellie. Doug looks to be a fine gent and I’m sure once he settles in he will be a wonderful addition to the family. Lots of stress all around with the introduction of a new doggo but it will all work out as Bob intends it to. 🙂


  2. Finally sat down long enough to read this. I’m so glad! He looks like a sweetheart! Have you tried crating him inside with something to chew, at night? He may just need a little help feeling safe, and it’s surprising how many dogs love having their own little crate-cave to retreat to.


    • I am happy to tell you he has stopped howling, and settled well. He still does not understand or get playing. Though he loves to run and sometimes will run after a ball, so there is progress and with dogs there is always hooe that he will eventually get play time. Thank you for commenting and reading.

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