A new project and a great new cover

With little time for writing these days, I have been editing or working with editors (to be more truthful).  Love Struck, is a contemporary romance story. While the book is being edited and structurally worked on, my friend Constantinos Karentzos has been busy.

This is what we have finally decided on.

Please let me know what you think.

Romantic Irish novel with a dash of humour



6 thoughts on “A new project and a great new cover

  1. The topic of “Love Struck” is intriguing! I wonder about the cover art after reading the back cover information. Is it mostly about Ann, Mark, or both? I’m wondering if having two people on the cover might be a possibility. Whoever is prominent in the story in the foreground and the less prominent in the background. Just pondering.
    I like the art very much. Ann looks perturbed to me. Should she be?

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  2. It seems very nice but I am the last person who should ever vouchsafe an opinion on a book titled “Love Struck”. To guys that sounds like we are getting hot over the head, which maybe is accurate, eh? I’d prefer a photo of Bob posed on a cliff in a rainstorm, looking brave and aloof, steeling his kind heart against the ravages of feckless love but will readily admit I have no taste at all and you shouldn’t have even wasted your time reading this comment. 🙂

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