My Favourite things

I should have added and not of a chocolate kind. The reason being there was a time when I was addicted to chocolate.

Back to the topic.  My top five favourite things:

  1. Reading with the company of two foot warmers (Ellie and Bob)
  2. Writing with the encouraging sounds of musical snores from Bob and Ellie
  3. Walking on a beach regardless of the weather. We have even done this as a family on Christmas day or St. Stephens day mainly due to asthmatic son.
  4. An evening out with friends
  5. Receiving a review for a story or a book.

Pretty straightforward and simple, and the weird thing is I believe if I won a huge sum of money, they wouldn’t change.

So what is your top 5?

Have a great Halloween.

bob 3


5 thoughts on “My Favourite things

  1. My top five are: spending time with family, reading, writing, nature walks and spending time with friends. 🙂 And, speaking of friends, I’m looking forward to greeting my wonderful little friends who stop by for treats tonight… Happy Halloween!

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  2. Walking my own Ellie and her friends Bo, Jack, Dobby and sometimes Huckleberry and Sonya Sue! Does that count as 5?! 🙃. Reading. Writing. Taking pictures. And then, putting all of them together to create something to share. 😊 suzanne ❤️

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