The long and the short of it.

A very short story featuring Bob and his friend Maxwell

It was looking like snow. This was a special event in Ireland.

Bob was sitting staring out the kitchen window. He suspected it might snow but more importantly the oven was humming along with the cook who was rolling out biscuits.

“Hmm, biscuits,” Bob thought and set off to tell Max who lived a short distance away.

Cold, wet weather never bothered him because his thick coat kept everything from touching his skin. The extra bonus was fleas usually died before they fought their way through his coat.

Bob arrived at Max’s door. “Where is Ellie?” Max was peering over Bob’s shoulder.

“Didn’t bring her she is on cookie guard duty.”

Max didn’t linger. His short legs worked hard to keep up with his taller stocky friend.

“What happens if we get lost in this snow,” Max asked Bob as he pushed his way through the deepening snow.

“Trust me,” said Bob, “we won’t.”

However when they passed a tree they had marked some minutes earlier they sought shelter and had a meeting. “We are lost, aren’t we?” Max nudged Bob as he spoke.

“Maybe we should have a nap?” Bob suggested.

Max objected to this and they continued on for a while until they arrived back at the tree once more. “We are lost.” Bob said.

“What can we do?”

Bob sighed. “I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this? How is your singing voice?”

“Superb” Max boasted.

So together they began to sing, their favourite, – who let the dogs out.

Within minutes they heard a familiar bark and Ellie trotted up to them.

She looked at both dogs covered in layers of snow and simply said, “hurry up the biscuits are cool, well not as cool as you guys” and she led them home.

Much later, Bob and Max sat beside the fire munching on lavender dog biscuits.

“Do you know Bob it was worth the trip. But perhaps we shouldn’t go out in it again. What do you think Ellie?”

“Please don’t, your singing almost knocked the tiles off the roof.” She mumbled as she rolled over for a snooze.

They simply joined her in their favourite competition; snoring.

(Future trouble lay in the fact that Bob was dreaming of digging a tunnel to Max’s house.)


20 thoughts on “The long and the short of it.

  1. Hi Maria! Max says that he is overwhelmed with gratitude to have been featured in one of your wonderful tales. As you know, he admires Bob and thinks of him as a role model for proper dog behavior; in other words, if it sit stills, eat it and if there’s nothing to eat, go to sleep.

    I did find fault with one aspect of your story – the part where Max objected when Bob suggested a nap. That would immediately put your narrative in the realm of fiction. Max never objects to a nap. He would incorporate naps into his meal time were that physically possible.

    Your funny little story cheered Max up as his paws are healing. He’s doing better and soon will be back to his old form (which means he will be moving at the speed of Bob.) Best wishes from the Rancho in California to Bob & Ellie, you and all your family.

    PS: That photo has given me shivers. I think I’ll eat something and take a warm nap. 🙂
    PPS: Hahaha…you tagged the post with “diet”. What language is that?

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  2. Bob had better watch out digging that tunnel that he doesn’t end up arriving in Australia by mistake or he could find himself in jail or in embarrassing court cases like actor Johnny Depp.
    Best wishes,

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