So ..I have written a book for kids, what next?

The simple answer would or should be, write another one. And there are five or six books written but not edited sitting in a neat queue somewhere in my desk.

However, I am stuck on the marketing and shouting about the first one.

If I constantly blog about it, – am I seeming too pushy? I dither on this question. But you guys are truthfully the only ones who read my ramblings, and for that I am extremely grateful.  So please let me know if I am pushing it a bit.

Blogging, twittering, FB and G+ are very time-consuming events. Which limits time for other important stuff. The only one in my house who loves to see me head for the computer is – Bob.

He assumes his best-loved position. Sorry there are two:



Everyone else groans, (including Ellie) as they know I will be superglued to the seat until I have set up x amount of promotional posts.

And lastly for today my promotional push is:

The Runaway Schoolhouse is on Kindle for €0.99 ($0.99) for the next week, in the hope that a few reviews will float or clunk (be thrown) my way.

The purpose of the reviews for me is to help discover the fate of the other books gathering dust in my desk. Do I continue to publish or simply to blog?




4 thoughts on “So ..I have written a book for kids, what next?

  1. Books in the form of manuscripts in desk drawer never make best sellers.

    When published, there is some advance —
    They then at least do stand a chance,.
    And even if that chance is small,
    It is a lot better than none at all!

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    • Ahh yes but what if they are never read? Thai is the fear that stalks me. Though I am hoping that some parents will buy a copy and let me know what they think.
      Thank you for your comment and suppo both are appreciated.


  2. I hope that the god’s that oversee best sellers are watching over you. The writing is the easy part, it’s what happens next that is really scary. I have written a mystery novel which is only in 1st draft state but I’m all ready freaking out about how to get it noticed if I self published. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you.

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