Maria’s Stuff: Mission Statement – Do we have one?

I have been reading a lot about blogging, and have stumbled upon a simple enough statement that makes sense on reading it – Every blog should have a mission statement. It, I am told, will help keep us on track towards our goal. This led me to ask: what is my goal? What is Bob’s goal?

I looked at Bob

Hisilicon K3

and smiled. His goals are simple; eat, sleep and be hugged.

Ellie’s are different, as everyone knows, her life revolves around tennis balls, socks, being busy and…. Bob.

ippellie large with socks in mouth

Which leaves me.  I sat at the keyboard fingers poised struggling to find the elusive mission statement.

Thoughts were flitting through my head working on a treadmill as I struggled with a mission statement.

I started blogging to get me writing, improve my photography skills and have fun. In the past ten years my children have flitted past the ages of 21, so I reasoned, I should have plenty of free time. However, time is being gulped up by many part time volunteering ventures, working part time, dog training for S & R, and all the usual wifely duties. I wonder if I am doing too much flitting and not enough focusing. Trouble is what do I cut out to make time for writing etc? They are all good causes, and worse still – I have fun attempting to do what I can.

So I will start again:  My blog is about finding fun while helping others and writing about it because at the end of the day age is simply a number it doesn’t define us neither should it limit us or stop us exploring this incredible world. Phew! It is a mouthful.

Perhaps I should try again?

Does anyone have a simple mission statement?

Besides Bob!




8 thoughts on “Maria’s Stuff: Mission Statement – Do we have one?

  1. I’m still trying to figure mine out! Mainly … to force myself into a writing routine. It’s bizarre – I love writing. I’m pretty sure I’m good at it. I have stuff to say and stories to tell. Yet I’ll do just about anything to avoid just sitting down and putting words on a page. Stupid!

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  2. Ugh! When I worked in the corporate world I hated the yearly revisit of the corporate mission statement, usually a trite string of words that avoided the real mission of making money for shareholders.

    I understand that the purpose of the mission statement is to keep you focused but I don’t think we should get bogged down about defining something that should be free form and that should continue to morph.

    Bet you’re sorry you asked.

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    • No. Because I didn’t have my glasses on and read…I don’t think we should get bogged as blogged…It did make me giggle. I agree on the morphing as that is the natural progression of life. Thank you for replying and for reading.

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