A photo to make you smile and some words to make us all think.

Hisilicon K3

Irish dog trainer

We are only human.

I was brought up to help, in the house, in the yard, wherever help was needed we all got stuck in and did the work. So I suppose volunteering was a natural thing in our house. We were encouraged to help on committee’s once we had reached the magic number of years , eighteen.

I tell you this not to boast or brag but it as a simple matter of fact. However I have lately discovered that helping is not often enough. For many judge you on what they see, or a stupid spur of the minute comment or worse on a mistake, a wrong judgement call. If I had the power to influence a whole mess of people I think it would to be simply to remind them that we are all human. And as humans we are bound to fail, to disappoint or act rashly every once in a while.

However, as I have no super power I can only keep trying and that is another human trait, to be stubborn to never give up.

How about you has there been a time in your life that you wish you could wind the clock back, bite back those words, smile instead of moan? And what super power would you wish for?

reindeer 6

Bob in Super-Bob mode.


8 thoughts on “A photo to make you smile and some words to make us all think.

  1. I love Bob and especially love him in Super Bob mode. My super power, well it would be one where I could wave a magic wand and stop cruelty to all animals and make everyone see that all life should be treated with respect and kindness. My secondary power would be the ability to take in all dogs that need a good home. And yes I have a long list of things I should not have said or done. I review the list as a lay awake staring at the ceiling at 3:00 am.

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    • Ahh thank you. You and your caravan full of dogs (just like a circus) are welcome to come and stay at Chez Bob, we don’t have much money but we have bones, fun and plenty of hugs. P.S. Have you noticed that there is always funny shadows and shapes on the ceiling at 3.00 am.


      • Well I told our dog Moe about the bones and hugs and he was ready to pack up our van and go for visit. I understand about the shadows and shapes on the ceiling, I’ve often wondered what goes through the mind of dogs. If if I could see it, I don’t think I would understand.

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