Then and Now

Aging in dogs is a terrible thing isn’t it?

Last Summer Bob looked heavy and seemed to smile a lot.




Lately, he seems to scowl and always looks for the sunny spots.




But don’t we all, do the same as we age?




9 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. My schnauzer is a bit chunky too. She and I have taken to the streets. She reminds me every day now that it’s time for her walk, or rather her run. She’s not very big, and those little legs get quite the workout. It’s good for me to have a walk too; although I’m toning, not trying to lose weight. As she gets older, I hope she can remain in good health, and so I try to do my part in keeping her in tip top shape. A good friend of mine recently lost her “heart dog” as she refers to him. She’s still recovering. I hope Griselda lives forever!

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    • Schnauzers are strong personality types, I know a little guy called Oscar who rules the house he lives in along with nine other dogs.
      I think all dogs, like humans gain weight as we age, which is, as you pointed out a great reason to have a four legged friend.

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