Bobs Diary: A New Year means

Happy New Year to everyone far and wide,

bob high viz 1

A New Year is the same as a blank canvas for this dog.

My resolutions should read like this:

I will lose weight by walking more and eating less

I won’t laugh at Maria’s chicken legs

I will not canvas for fans at a barbecue

I will not stop while walking and wait for kids and little old ladies to pet me.

But the truth is:

I hate walking and don’t see the point in it. The world tends to come to me. and I like riding in hot carsdaisybob in car 2

You got to laugh at something, besides she laughs at her own legs too.

When you have crowd appeal why not use it?


And besides you should always obey traffic signs:

Bob at Play




4 thoughts on “Bobs Diary: A New Year means

    • Thank you Sir Colonialist,
      Yes sir, he is bobbin along to the tune of the cosy wood fire. Hope you and everyone around you has a great and healthy new year. Thank you for your support and kind comments throughout the past year. Each one of them has been read, appreciated and of course chewed on.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I am delighted especially from a dog/pet wise person such as yourself. I popped over to your two sites and will be back to your dog site for tips and hints regarding overweight lazy dogs.


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