Maria’s Stuff: The evolution of Diets……

Since my previous post I have been thinking about diets and the word – diet – such a lot that I wondered about the evolution of diets and the high commercial value that has been created around that one word: Diet.

When you look it up on line this is one of the meanings you will find, A regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss. The interesting word in that sentence, (for me) is cosmetic. Which indicates to me, we have become a highly visual and judgemental society.

I also learnt: The word “diet” comes from the Greek root word “diaita”, which means  “to live one’s life,” and from the Latin base word, “diaeta,” meaning  “manner of living”.  So for me, the original word was more an indicator of how you lived your life. Yes, no?

The only remaining question I would have to ask is if the slimming industry is such a huge money maker, do any of the commercial companies really want everyone to be slim? Which also leads to the question – what additives do they put in our food?

Food for thought, yes or no?

reindeer 6

As an aside I would like to point out that my superhero pal Bob has been on a diet for the last few months and the improvement is evident in the way he is moving better and how alert he is, (though mostly at times of his own choosing). What have I done? Introduced some natural food (veggies and meat/fish) while I reduced the amount of kibble I give him.

6 thoughts on “Maria’s Stuff: The evolution of Diets……

  1. I have dieted, changed the way we eat, gone to the gym etc.
    Now I try to cook everything from scratch and our fast food comes from home cooked frozen food, but we are not slim! It has been a conscious decision since Christmas that our lifestyle isn’t unhealthy, it’s not fantastically fit either but no more dieting because it implies going without and then our weight yoyos.

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    • I have noticed how some people do not lose weight fast enough to feel their diet is working but I believe you are going about it in the right way. To be toned, flexible and fit is the first priority or so I believe having read and listened to a wide range of experts. I wish you well on your journey to a healthier and fitter family.


  2. Da Da Daaaaaaaaaa Super-Duper Bob, well done on your fresh new look 🙂 I’m proud of your efforts and results, you’re clearly a hard worker….. Yes. As for the ‘d’ word, I think it has served the industry very well. About a year or so ago I went to a couple of these clubs and found that their branded foods were not satisfying for me or nutritionally balanced, they were horribly sweet, brittle, and overpowering with a ton of spices that didn’t work. One of the clubs enforced the word lifestyle changes more often, instead of diet to try and get people away from the stigma attached to the word for me it will always invoke a negative reaction. My views on this have changed in life as I have got older (boooooo) xxx

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