Holidays and stuff.

I apologize to all I follow for my lack of attention to your blog pages.

I was lucky to have a holiday in Scotland last week. We spent some days in Conan Bridge north of Inverness and we loved it. The people were amazing, the food great and the entertainment second to none.

Here are a few pictures of an amazing place.



Go hug a tree he said, so I did.


A shy Dolphin


At Dunrobin Castle we spent an entire day. And made some unusual friends


Scotland has castles at every turn in the road.

IMG_8428 IMG_8339


12 thoughts on “Holidays and stuff.

    • unfortunately no. He was baby sat by three minders (Son who stayed in house, Grandfather next door and his biggest fan Louise who came and walked him every day,). I think given my commitment to S & R Dog training (Ellie) and Bob (socialising) I would be divorced if I suggested bringing him.


      • Funny how familiar that sounds! Himself is just about fed up with my crazy young Belgian Malinois … I didn’t dare say yes last week when a friend called and asked if I’d be willing to take in another one… :/ Had to tell her I was pretty sure I’d end up having to choose between husband and dog.


  1. I really enjoyed this post, Maria. I have family ‘roots’ on my Dad’s side to England and Scotland. My Mom’s side is German and Swedish. I love the castles and the special bird. Possibly a kestrel? Smiles, Robin


    • Thank you Have you visited Scotland? It was our second trip and we had a ball as you guessed. Gosh you have a lot of different family roots giving you a great selection of countries to visit.


  2. Oh way cool mate, I have to drag my Humans to Scotland… And we may later this year. As a dog I am highly skeptical about monsters in lakes but will be keeping an eye out eh…

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